By Bryan Sandberg


As any Arkham fan knows, the investigators are truly the lifeblood of this game. The protagonists of any Arkham Files adventure, we grow attached to these characters and spin new stories around them with every playthrough. I thought it would be interesting to try looking at the 55 Investigators in a new way. In this article, I will be ranking them in a tier system, based on how much knowledge they have of the Mythos.

To define our terms here, by knowledge of the Mythos I mean how much they know of the evil forces that lurk outside our mundane world, the schemes and machinations which lie in wait for humanity, and the worlds which exist beyond our primitive plane of existence. I am also ranking them based on what they know prior to any game happening. Novellas and stories from the Investigators of Arkham Horror count as canon for this purpose, and will be considered as being prior to any game.

I am ranking them on a tier system as outlined below, listed from worst to best:

D Tier – This investigator knows little to nothing about the Mythos. While they may have had an experience with the Mythos, they don’t adequately understand their experience. This investigator generally has a mundane worldview, which is only now being called into question due to the events happening to them. The fact that this investigator doesn’t know anything about the mythos is often an integral part of their identity within the universe.

Tier – This investigator knows some things about the Mythos. They may have had an experience which is deeply personal to them, which radically changed their worldview and which drives them forward. However, they know little about the Mythos outside of their personal experience. Their insight into the Mythos is present, but narrow in focus.

B Tier – This investigator has had numerous experiences with the Mythos. The Mythos weighs on them in a deep and personal level. They have an adequate understanding of the Mythos to grasp the danger posed by it and have some sort of understanding of what it takes to fight it.

A Tier – This investigator has a deep understanding of the Mythos, and understands it well enough to be able to interact with and fight it. This investigator is capable of interacting with the world of the Mythos at will, and knows far more than even fellow investigators at the outset.

S Tier – This character has about as much knowledge of the Mythos as any mortal human can be expected to have prior to beginning their adventure. This character can control aspects of the Mythos, can explain the Mythos to other people, and/or knows what to do to discover even more about the Mythos.


With all that being said, here is my ranking of all 55 investigators:

S Tier – 

Akachi Onyele

Carolyn Fern

Diana Stanley

Harvey Walters

Jacqueline Fine

Lily Chen

Luke Robinson

Norman Withers

Roland Banks


A Tier –

Agnes Baker

“Ashcan” Pete

Daisy Walker

Gloria Goldberg

Jim Culver

Mandy Thompson

Marie Lambeau

Sister Mary


B Tier – 

Agatha Crane

Calvin Wright

Charlie Kane

Dexter Drake

Jenny Barnes

Kate Winthrop

Patrice Hathaway

Silas Marsh

Vincent Lee

Zoey Samaras


C Tier – 

Amanda Sharpe

Bob Jenkins

Darrell Simmons

George Barnaby

Leo Anderson

Lola Hayes

Mark Harrigan

Michael McGlen

Minh Thi Phan

Sefina Rousseau

“Skids” O’Toole

Wendy Adams

Wilson Richards


D Tier –

Carson Sinclair

Daniela Reyes

Father Mateo

Finn Edwards

Hank Samson

Joe Diamond

Monterey Jack

Preston Fairmont

Rex Murphy

Rita Young

Tommy Muldoon

Tony Morgan

Trish Scarborough

Ursula Downs

William Yorick


And there we have it! Do you agree with my rankings? Disagree? How right or wrong did I get it? Share your opinions and I may revisit this tier list in the future if there is interest.