The Arkham community uses a lot of acronyms, which for newer players can cause some confusion when trying to dive in to all the community content around the game. Here is a simple glossary of common community acronyms and other shorthand to help you make sense of it all.


(x) – When you see a number next to a player card name or abbreviation in this way, such as Peter Sylvestre (2) or LDL(1), it means that level of the player card. Sometimes there are no parentheses at the end.

ACE – A Chance Encounter player card

AITH – Ace in the Hole player card

APoT – A Phantom of Truth scenario

BB – The Boundary Beyond scenario

BotA – Blood on the Altar scenario

BSR – Black Stars Rise scenario

Delve – Delve Too Deep player card

DH – Dark Horse player card

DL (see also TDL) – The Dunwich Legacy campaign

DoN – Double or Nothing player card

DttF – Drawn to the Flame player card

ECE – The Essex County Express scenario

Echoes – Echoes of the Past scenario

EV – Ever Vigilant player card

FA (see also TFA) – The Forgotten Age campaign

FK – Forbidden Knowledge player card

GPW – The Gold Pocket Watch player card

HotE – Heart of the Elders scenario

Key – Typically, any time you see Key by itself, it’s in reference to Key of Ys.

LDL – Leo De Luca player card

LiTaS – Lost in Time and Space scenario

LMHT – “Let me handle this!” player card

LoL – Labyrinths of Lunacy standalone side story

LWIF – “Look what I found!” player card

MoM – Mind Over Matter player card

NotZ – Night of the Zealot campaign

NSU – No Stone Unturned player card

Oath – The Unspeakable Oath scenario

OTH – On The Hunt player card

PtC (see also TPtC) – The Path to Carcosa campaign

RGM – The Red-Gloved Man player card

Rise – Rise to the Occasion player card

Rite – Rite of Seeking player card

RtF – Recall the Future player card

RNoTZ, or RtNotZ, or RttNoTZ – Return to the Night of the Zealot campaign

SHK – St. Hubert’s Key player card

SttP – Stick to the Plan player card

TDL (see also DL) – The Dunwich Legacy campaign

TFA (see also FA) – The Forgotten Age campaign

TPtC (see also PtC) – The Path to Carcosa campaign

TPW – The Painted World player card. This is Sefina Rousseau’s signature asset.

ToF – Threads of Fate scenario

U&U – Undimensioned and Unseen scenario

Ward or WoP – Ward of Protection player card

WDA – Where Doom Awaits scenario