Now it’s time to get to some gameplay! I’m going to be trying to type and play at the same time so I can capture the action as it happens. You’ll be getting a true play-by-play so you can follow along with Finn on his adventures. I’m really excited for this and hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too much by getting completely destroyed!


We are starting with Extracurricular Activity first, just because I think this is a better one to start with. That’s mostly personal preference based on the fact that I think House is easy enough to clear with the added time constraint from doing it second, but really, if you’re playing along at home, I think either one is totally fine.


Before we actually get into gameplay, let’s establish what I want to have happen in this playthrough:

  1. I want to save the students. I frankly don’t care about having Professor Rice in my deck enough to not save the students. Preventing the tablet token is key for me at this point, and I don’t think I’m going to kill the Experiment as Solo Finn.
  2. I want to farm XP. Hopefully I will be able to clear the Faculty Offices AND the Dormitories, but we will see. I might be able to kill some of the Victory Point enemies that spawn in this scenario, such as the Yithian Observer, but of course, that depends on if they spawn in the first place.
  3. I need to play around the Whippoorwills. They will reduce my Will to 0, which will make maintaining my deck integrity hell.


Ready to go!
Finn, so blissfully unaware that horrors that are to come…


Alright, let’s get this started! Time to draw my opening hand! (Go back to Part 1 if you forget what’s in my deck.)

Opening Hand: Flashlight, Manual Dexterity, Sleight of Hand, Dig Deep, Hatchet Man.


I like this opening hand a whole lot, particularly because it has Sleight of Hand AND Flashlight. This will allow me to wipe the Orne Library very safely. We are definitely keeping those two. Dig Deep is important for my Will this game, and Manual Dexterity can help me evade. But I don’t Hatchet Man right now. I can’t reliably deal damage, so it will not get its full value at this point. I will mulligan Hatchet Man and keep the rest. My replacement card is Sneak Attack! This gives me a little extra ability to fight.


And with that we are ready to begin!


Hand: Flashlight, Manual Dexterity, Sleight of Hand, Dig Deep, Sneak Attack

Resources: 5, Clues: 0,  Health: 7, Sanity: 7

Round 1

Action 1: We are going to move to the Orne Library right away. I really, really want to clear this place. Time for a combo!

FAST: I pay 1 resource for Sleight of Hand. This puts Flashlight into play with 3 supplies.

Action 2/3: I investigate the Orne Library with Flashlight. This test is a 4v1. Should be safe! I draw a…. +1! So far this has been fantastic. Orne Library is CLEARED in 1 round.

The Flashlight returns to my hand, due to Sleight of Hand.

There are no enemies.

During Upkeep, we draw Hatchet Man. I am happy about this, because I can combo it with my Sneak Attack to do 3 damage! Mwahahah.


Hand: Manual Dexterity, Dig Deep, Sneak Attack, Flashlight, Hatchet Man

Resources: 5, Clues: 1, Health: 7, Sanity: 7

Round 2

We add our first doom! Oh no! And we draw a Visions of Futures Past, aaaand we immediately have our first Will test. Of course. It’s a 1v5. We are basically guaranteed to discard 5 cards, aren’t we? Maybe I should have played Dig Deep first to protect against exactly this sort of thing. Well, let’s do our draw. We draw a…. Cultist. Yikes, we do discard 5 cards. We discard our 2nd copy of Hatchet Man, 2nd copy of Manual Dexterity, only copy of Lone Wolf (!!!!!), 2nd copy of Flashlight, and only copy of Guts (!!!!). YIKES.

Action 1: I play Dig Deep. Hopefully, that will offer us SOME resistance, right?

Action 2: Move to Humanities Building.

Action 3: The choice here is between playing Flashlight and investigating next round, or just investigating 4v3. It’s not super safe to investigate 4v3, but it will save me resources that I need to use Dig Deep. Plus, I am sort of trying to rush down this Act. I will just test! Let’s see if it pays off. I draw a…….ELDER SIGN! That translates to a 0 at this point. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed by 2 or more, or else I could have discovered the other clue. Oh well, I won’t complain!

Still no enemies.

During Upkeep, we draw our .41 Derringer. Good! We’ll get that into play soon and hopefully be able to blast enemies when they do show up.


Hand: Manual Dexterity, Sneak Attack, Flashlight, Hatchet Man, .41 Derringer

Resources: 4, Clues: 2, Health 7, Sanity 7.

Round 3

Other than our terrible run in with Visions, I’m feeling pretty good so far! Let’s see what’s next. We add our second doom and draw…. BEYOND THE VEIL.

At this point, we are re-evaluating everything. We will not be farming XP. This is because I don’t trust my ability to survive the encounter deck anymore. We will be trying to get to the dormitories, wipe it, and get the hell out.

Of course, Beyond the Veil has surge, so we draw a…. YITHIAN OBSERVER. OOOOOOOHHH. LET’S KILL IT!

Action 1: Evade with Manual Dexterity and Hatchet Man. Yes, it’s a little overkill, but I really, really want my Hatchet Man to go off. This test is 7v3. We draw a…. AUTOFAIL??!?! What the hell game?! At least this action was free….

Action 2: Well, we sure have egg on our face now, but we are nothing if not persistent. We will evade normally. 4v3 and we draw a ….. 0!

Action 3: Once again, I have a few options here. I want to get the clue on my location. I also want to kill this Observer. I can Sneak Attack now, but I’m also considering my Derringer for Round 4. The thing with that play though is I will only be fighting 5v4, and my Derringer will likely be doing 1 point of damage per hit at best. Regardless, I don’t have the resources to do both plays. I honestly don’t think I can kill this Observer at all right this second. If I stay here in any way, it will ready on top of me and suddenly I am in trouble again. I have full Health and Sanity, but taking hits from a Yithian Observer will end poorly extremely fast.

This feels super cowardly, and could very well be the wrong play, but I’m going to move to the Quad. Hopefully, I can return and kill this Observer later. Ugh, I hate myself for copping out like this, but I think this is the safest play available.

Action 4: I move to the Student Union. I just need 1 clue to get the act to advance. I still hate that I left the Humanities Building.

Finn, running away from his problems.

The Observer is still exhausted.

During Upkeep, I draw… Double or Nothing. OKAY. This gives me some options. We’ll keep this in mind as we go to the next round.


Hand: Sneak Attack, Flashlight, .41 Derringer, Double or Nothing.

Resources: 5, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 7.

Round 4

We add another doom… ugh, what garbage am I going to discover now?

It’s a freaking Whippoorwill. Like, I swear this game just wants me to get the worst possible card draws. Well, at least it won’t kill me. Yet.


Action 1: I investigate 3v1. I draw a… Skull. That means I have 3 clues! YAY! The act advances and Jazz Mulligan goes into the big ol’ deck. Let’s hope he’s not on the bottom! (Yes, this has happened to me. More than once.)

Action 2: I investigate 3v1 again. I draw a…… -1! YAY! This part is going well.

Action 3: I spend my 1 clue to discard the top 10 cards. Fingers big time crossed and… he was the FOURTH card from the top!? This game can’t decide if it loves me or hates me!


Sadly I’m out of actions. But dang, we are so close to getting that sweet, sweet Jazz. Unfortunately, this Whippoorwill is going to make it hard to pass this Parley test moving forward.

No enemies do anything.

During Upkeep, I draw another Sleight of Hand.  Entirely possible I just commit it for the book icon to Parley Jazz instead of actually playing it.


Hand: Sneak Attack, Flashlight, .41 Derringer, Double or Nothing, Sleight of Hand

Resources: 6, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 7.

Round 5

We are now at 4 doom! Eep! What are we going to draw now? Oh, what’s this? ANOTHER VISIONS OF FUTURES PAST? Thankfully,  I have mad cash. I want to spare 3 resources for this test. I’ll still lose, yes. But at least, I will have some protection, and I can still have enough resources to pay for anything in my hand. The test is 3v5.

This can’t be that bad… right?

I draw a… AUTOFAIL. UGH. I knew that was coming too! I discard Pickpocketing, the 2nd copy of .41 Derringer, Backstab (this one hurts – I wanted this to kill the Observer), Leo De Luca, and Smuggled Goods. At this point, there are 13 cards in my discard and I am not a happy camper.

I really want to kill this damn bird.

Action 1: Play .41 Derringer. Yes, I have no money. It will be worth it all if I kill this demon spawn bird.

Action 2: I engage the screaming hellrat with wings.

Action 3: I SHOOT THE WHIPPOORWILL WITH MY GUN. We had better kill this thing. The test is 4v2. We draw a…. -3. UGH.
We take 1 horror from the Whippoorwill of all things.

This threat area makes me lose sanity in real life.

During Upkeep, I draw a Sneak Attack. I now have 2 Sneak Attacks, which opens up some interesting possibilities if I can make it back to that Observer.


Hand: Sneak Attack, Flashlight, Double or Nothing, Sleight of Hand, Sneak Attack.

Resources: 1, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 6.

Round 6

We add our 5th doom and draw another card. This time it’s… Terror From Beyond. Okay. Could have been way worse. Perils are always easier in Solo. Obviously, I’m not discarding my events. I would like to keep my Flashlight since I have Sleight of Hand still. So I’m going to discard my skill card, Double or Nothing. Probably wouldn’t have a good opportunity to use it at this rate anyway.


Action 1: I SHOOT THE BIRD AGAIN. I have never wanted a bird dead more in my life. Once again, the test is 4v2. We draw a…. -4!? THIS. DAMN. BIRD.

Action 2: Ok, Finn. We have one last shot at this. Steady yourself… we test 4v2 with our final bullet. We draw a….. autofail. Our third one?? What the hell, FFG?! You should apologize!

So, Finn has missed every shot on this bird with his gun.

Action 3: We just punch the bird with our fist. Is this dumb? It probably is, but I’m getting really, really desperate to kill this bird. We will commit both Sneak Attacks because I hate this bird that much. Yes, this means I probably can’t get that Observer now, but all my shits have been long exhausted. That brings the test to 4v2 again. We draw a… ELDER SIGN!




During Upkeep, we draw Peter Sylvestre. Unfortunately, I am very poor and can’t play him. But I am glad he is in my hand.


Hand: Flashlight, Sleight of Hand, Peter Sylvestre.

Resources: 2, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 6.

Round 7

I feel better now that the bird is dead. We add our sixth doom. We draw from the deck and it is… a Locked Door. THANK NODENS. That’s going to go on the Humanities Building. I don’t need that clue anymore anyway. What a relief.


Action 1: I really need to pass this test as quickly as possible. Because The Bird Is Dead(TM), this test is now a 4v3. What the hell, let’s just go for this 3 times if we have to. We pull a… Elder Sign again?! Why do I keep drawing Autofails and Elder Signs? The Experiment now spawns in the Alchemy Labs as the Act advances.

Spent all that time killing that bird just to pass on a Elder Sign pull…

Action 2: We will move into the Dormitories. Now, YES, I have lots of doom to burn through in this scenario and YES, I have a lot of health and sanity. But half of my deck is in my discard and we have learned that I suck at not losing all my cards. I might just die to Beyond the Veil if I don’t rush the rest of this scenario down, and with almost all of my damage cards in my discard, I’m pretty much hooped if I start going elsewhere.

Action 3: I investigate 4v1. I draw a… Skull! Two clues to go!


There are no enemies engaged with me.

During Upkeep, I draw my weakness, Caught Red-Handed. Thankfully, because the bird is dead, there are no Hunters. This just gets shuffled back in.


Hand: Flashlight, Sleight of Hand, Peter Sylvestre

Resources: 3, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 6.

Round 8

I am basically guaranteed to win this turn with my Flashlight on a 1 shroud location. I SO WISH I could have gotten more experience. I feel like I’m pretty safe. I have 13 cards left in my deck, so I feel like I have time. But clearing the Faculty Offices requires spending 8 actions on nothing but moving just to get there and back to the dormitories (remembering that we want to save the students), killing or evading an enemy, and getting 2 more clues. By my estimation that’s an extra 3 to 4 rounds I have to make it through, with a Beyond the Veil on me.

Well, let’s continue the Mythos phase and see if this next encounter card tells us anything. First, we take 2 horror for having 16 cards in our discard pile. May as well assign one to Jazz, to be safe. Now, we draw our next card and it is… Ancient Evils. Well. Okay. That’s fine actually. I’m not worried about the timing on the Agenda deck. I’m worried about the time of my actual deck being discarded, because I can’t sustain 10 damage.

Unless we just let the students die and save the professor….


Action 1: We investigate 4v1. We draw a… Cultist! We get our clue on a tie.

Action 2: We investigate 4v1 again. Our luck has been good so far…. this time, we draw a…. -3. Still safe.


Enough cowardice. Finn is on the hunt for that sweet, juicy XP.


No enemies of relevance.

During the Upkeep, we draw Logical Reasoning. Not sure how helpful this will be, but I’m not complaining.


Hand: Flashlight, Sleight of Hand, Peter Sylvestre, Logical Reasoning

Resources: 4, Clues: 3, Health: 7, Sanity: 5

Round 9

I am so hyped right now. We are going IN, my friends! We add a doom and draw….another Beyond the Veil. That does nothing since we have a limit of 1, but it has surge. So we draw instead… Arcane Barrier. Well, that just speeds up our death clock real good if we fail.


Action 1: We got to break through this barrier for sweet, sweet XP! I commit Logical Reasoning and Peter Sylvestre. We are now at 4v4. But I really want to pass. I will drop 3 resources into our Dig Deep and pray this works. A 7v4 test should be very safe… we draw a… OH GOD I CAN’T LOOK…. it’s a ZERO. We DID it!! We passed a 4 threshold will test on an encounter card with BLOODY FINN EDWARDS. We move to Miskatonic Quad.

Action 2: We move to the Administration Building.

Action 3: We move to the Faculty Offices! A Humanoid enemy spawns! Be safe Finn!! The enemy is a Wizard of Yog-Sothoth. Pretty scary! (But if we can kill it, that’s more XP!!)

Action 4: We are Finn! Time to evade for free. May as well try, right? It’s a 4v3… we draw a -2. Awwww.


We get rudely attacked by the Wizard. Jazz goes crazy. I don’t really need him anymore.

During Upkeep, I draw another Dig Deep. This works out well because I can commit it for the Agility icon.


Hand: Flashlight, Sleight of Hand, Dig Deep.

Resources: 2, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 4

Round 10

Please, please, please let this round go smoothly… First off, the Agenda advances. Again, the Experiment’s movement is not really relevant. I will almost certainly die to my deck exploding before I would die to the Experiment reaching the dorms. But anyway. Now we draw an encounter card. The deck has been shuffled back together, so anything could come at me… we draw a… Terror from Beyond! YES. YES YES YES YES. I name skill cards. Nothing gets discarded!! But we do get attacked by the Wizard because we drew a Hex. BOO. My poor, sweet Finn is VERY low on Sanity.


Action 1: We need to pass this evade. I spend 1 resource and commit the Dig Deep in my hand to make this test a 6v4. This is a really crucial test. If you’ve been following along, now would be a good time to pray a test passes. Let me spell it out for you. If we pass this test, I am almost guaranteed to win this round through Sleight of Hand-Flashlight.


We draw a











FAST: We play Sleight of Hand with our ONE remaining resource. This allows us to put Flashlight into play for free. OH GOD, here we go! No more autofails, please, FFG!!

Action 2: We investigate 4v0. We draw a… -2! ONE CLUE TO GO ON A SHROUD OF 0.

Action 3: We investigate 4v0 to win the game and get the hell out of here. Anything other than an autofail and we are OUT.

We draw a











We spend 2 clues (we had 5, lmao) and we proceed to Resolution 1!!

This is the face of someone who knows he’s a total badass.


Finn rescued Professor Warren Rice. (Talk about irony.)

Finn failed to save the students. (Whoops.) We add a tablet token. The one thing I didn’t want to happen, but oh well.

We earned 3 experience (Orne Library, Dormitories, and Faculty Offices). If I had any access to damage, I probably could have killed the Wizard at the end there. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that – a glaring problem in my deck.



I am really, really happy with the way my deck performed.  Outside of all my damage cards being chucked by Visions of Futures Past, and then missing 3 shots on my gun, it did exactly what I wanted it to do. If I didn’t draw the autofail on Visions of Futures Past, I would have likely drawn the Backstab that got discarded, which could have netted me the kill on the Wizard for an extra XP. But oh well. At least I killed the bird.


XP Spending Time

There are a lot of cards I want, but with only 3 points, I have to spend wisely. I really want Streetwise, but I don’t know if it’s too soon for that. I ended the scenario with literally 0 resources – that doesn’t translate to a good Streetwise deck. I also really want damage. I know Miskatonic is number 3, so investing too much in damage pre-Miskatonic could be a mistake.

I don’t want Lockpicks yet. I want at least 1 Lockpicks in between House and Miskatonic.

Okay. I got it. Here’s what we are doing.

1x Adaptable

1x Hot Streak(2) replacing 1x Pickpocketing

Using Adaptable to switch out 2x Trench Coat for 2x Joey “The Rat” Vigil.

This is a VERY SPECIFIC choice for going into House. I need Adaptable to convert my deck into having a reliable draw on an Ally in order to get clues from the Lounge – otherwise, I’m going to be stuck on the dumb gambling table (I also plan on using Adaptable’s level 0 switches every single time). I have no intention of actually playing Joey, since Peter is the ally I most want to play and Leo is incidentally better than Joey, too.  Joey is usually seen as a low-tier card, but he has more icons than Leo or Dario, making him a better commitment option (which is what I plan on actually using him for.) We will switch him out with our Adaptable again prior to Miskatonic. I don’t like that I am losing Trench Coat, but I think with the way the deck is going, it’s too expensive to keep for something that is really more of a luxury than a necessity. Hot Streak allows me to pay for Leo, in case I want to do that, or Dig Deep pumps. It also allows us to prepare for the Streetwise purchase I hope to make between House and Miskatonic.


Cards on the top are OUT. Cards on the bottom are IN. Note that the two Joeys were purchased with Adaptable.

With that, our first scenario is in the books! Come back next time, when we play The House Always Wins!