Today, we will be embarking on a journey, a journey I’ve been wanting to do since Finn Edwards (a perennial favourite of mine in the Arkhamverse) was announced for this game. Our goal is to play a solo Finn deck through The Dunwich Legacy (on Standard difficulty), a campaign that is notorious for its big Will tests. With no one to help him, “You handle this one!” can’t save him here. I fully expect that this will take more than one attempt (cough Undimensioned and Unseen cough), but I have no fear! There’s nothing Finn can’t do, right?


Before we go any further here are some ground rules:

  1. Whatever happens, happens. We are not house ruling anything. This is to be played with the for real, true game rules.
  2. NO Charon’s Obol. We are fully expecting to get defeated.
  3. These are not blind playthroughs. We are going to exploit the hell out of our metaknowledge of each scenario to not get destroyed. In other words, FULL SPOILERS.

Okay. now that that’s out of the way, time to approach our first challenge: building our solo Finn deck.


To start off, let’s establish what Finn’s strengths and weaknesses are as an investigator:


-Extra action through his investigator ability

-Strong base stats for dealing with monsters in multiple ways

-4 Intellect puts him on par with Seekers for base intellect

-2 signatures, 1 that is a weapon, 1 that gives card draw

-Card pool allows him to handle enemies reliably



-1 will makes him hugely susceptible to Treacheries, as well as makes it really hard to pass critical tests on scenario cards, such as Esoteric Formula in Undimensioned and Unseen or Steps of Y’hagharl in Lost in Time and Space.

-His signature weakness can potentially cause him to get killed.

-No access to most Level 4-5 Rogue cards denies him important Rogue mainstays such as Hot Streak and The Gold Pocket Watch.


To summarize, Finn is an excellent candidate for solo play as he is a competent fighter and clue-gatherer. The major problem – and it is a major problem – is his will is trash.


With that in mind, we want our deck to achieve these main things;

  1. Not die to treacheries, or more generally, pass Will tests when critical.
  2. Soak damage/horror from the Will tests we are accepting that we will fail.
  3. Empower our evasion as the main thing we do well; try to evade successfully nearly every turn.
  4. Be capable of killing monsters, especially Hunters. We will be buying guns with XP when we get the chance, as we don’t have a lot of actually good options for fighting in Rogue at level 0.
  5. Scoop up those clues! We have 4 Intellect, so we should not need a lot of extra help here, outside of Streetwise and Lockpicks once we get XP. We are also planning on taking the Necronomicon in the Miskatonic Museum to help with this.


We have our framework. Now let’s start picking out our cards. Like most investigators, we have 30 slots to work with. We will begin with our most critical includes, things that help us pass mission 1.

We will immediately take 2 Logical Reasoning. This gives us cards with 2 great Will icons, but more importantly, they allow us to clear Treacheries. The most important use of this is to clear Frozen in Fear, a card that destroys Finn if it’s not dealt with.

While we are at it, we may as well take 1 Guts. The reason I am taking 1 Guts instead of 2 is you can only commit 1 Guts per test, and we want to save our card slots for things that are not purely reacting.

The last thing we are taking for mission 1 is 2x Dig Deep. This will give us the ability to pump the two most watched stats on Finn – his agility for evasion and his will for treacheries. If we can get our economy flowing, this should keep him safe.

We have 1 out of class slot left for a Seeker or Survivor card. Since 20% of our deck is already dedicated to mission 1, let’s focus now on mission 2. We will give this special slot to Peter Sylvestre. This may be a little contentious since Rogues are known for having some powerful ally options, particularly once you get XP. However, Peter is probably the best sanity soak in the game, and since we are anticipating taking ample horror, Peter can really help us out. The extra agility point is a welcome bonus.

So that’s 6 cards selected. 24 slots to go. I feel pretty good about my defensive cards right now, so let’s continue to mission 3.

We’ll start with 2x Pickpocketing. This card is nuts on Finn. If we can get it in play early, we are hoping to draw a card with it every turn. With Finn, this card basically takes what you were going to do anyway and rewards you for it. Since this card is Illicit, we can use our Smuggled Goods to ensure we get it played early on.

We are also going to take 2x Trench Coat. Now this is a little bit more on the overkill side, but passing our free evades is so critical to keeping our Finn strong. That, and the 2 bonus health will save us if our tests go awry.

Finally for mission 3, we have to take 2x Manual Dexterity. This will help us evade, yes, but more importantly, the card draw will be almost guaranteed at this point. The bonus agility will also help us once we get a little further along here.

That’s mission 3 accomplished, with 18 slots to fill. We now go on to mission 4 – dealing damage.

We are for sure taking 2x .41 Derringer. Frankly, this is the only level 0 Rogue weapon that is any good. Yes, Knuckleduster is somewhat okay on Finn as evaded enemies lose retaliate. However, we really need the accuracy the Derringer provides with the +2 Fight.

We will also take 2x Backstab. With our Dig Deeps and ManDexes we should be able to pump our agility enough to land these safely. This is our big bomb card, and we need these to hit.

Next, we will take 2x Sneak Attack. Two testless damage is enough to eliminate most enemies at the start of the campaign. If we need to amp up our damage, we can always switch these out later. Since we have a free evade, we should have plenty of exhausted enemies to target.

Finally, we are going in for two skill cards that also can be combined as a combo – 2x Hatchet Man and 2x Double or Nothing. Our primary goal here is to use these to enhance our damage dealt. Hatchet Man incidentally can help us evade, so that’s another great plus.

Ten slots taken means we have 8 slots remaining to finish mission 5 and fill any holes left over.

For safety gathering clues early in the campaign, we will take 2x Flashlight. These will hopefully be replaced with Lockpicks ASAP.

I don’t really care for Eavesdrop, so we are not taking any of that. There are too many conditions that have to be met for it to be a reliable boon for our clue getting, and at this point our spots are precious.

We could take 2 Perceptions, but I’d really rather not because at this point, I think we are running a little heavy on skill cards. Instead, we will take 2x Sleight of Hand. Our initial goal with these is to preserve our Flashlight charges. As the campaign progresses, we will instead use them to bring in expensive weapons for cheap.

With 4 slots remaining, I want to fill any obvious gaps.

The first obvious gap is I have only 1 ally card in the whole deck. We will bring in 2x Leo De Luca to lend some more power to that slot. Next, we will add 1x Lone Wolf. As we are playing solo this will go off all the time, and with the cost of things in this deck, we need it. Finally, we will add 1x Emergency Cache to support our economy further.

With our deck all created it’s time to push the Random Basic Weakness button on Arkhamdb! And the random basic weakness is going to be……








See this link for the ArkhamDB decklist:!


With that we have our deck! Come back for Part 2, when we take our solo Finn for his first test run through Extracurricular Activity.