[NOTE: I messed up the rules a little bit when playing this scenario. After reading this part, check out Part 4 as a follow-up to this scenario.]


Now that Finn has had some time to catch his breath from his adventure at the school, it’s off to the Clover Club to find Dr. Morgan. (Of course, we already know we’re not going to find him, since we’re playing House second. But just work with me here.)

Once again, we’re going to start by planning out what we want to have happen. As always, I have my Chromebook on the table with me, so I can type as I’m playing!

1) We want to farm as much XP as possible. This shouldn’t be too hard for someone who can fight and gather clues. House doesn’t have the same awful discard treacheries that Extracurricular Activity has, so we should have way better access to our damage tools. We should be able to use our evade to bounce around the Darkened Hallway after enemies drop there, and we should be

2) We want an ally in our opening hand and will mulligan to get one. This is to get the 4 clues at the start of the game within exactly 2 rounds, by taking a drink in the bar Round 1 and discarding an ally in the lounge Round 2. We don’t want to spend any time at all on the gambling table and we also can just ignore the clue on La Bella Luna entirely. Since we are doing this second, we need to be able to reliably clear Act 1 as fast as possible.

3) We are not escaping with Peter Clover. Screw that.

Finn ready for a new adventure – this time with more alcohol!


So with that all out of the way, let’s start with our opening hand!


Opening Hand: Lone Wolf, Hatchet Man, Backstab, Smuggled Goods, Logical Reasoning.

Okay, so we didn’t get any of our 6 ally cards in our opening hand, which sucks. So we will try to mulligan. Logical Reasoning will stay, because I will need to have it available to play once Striking Fear enters the encounter deck. Backstab should also stay, so I can reliably kill Pit Boss. I’m willing to give up the other 3 in order to bank on my strategy of getting an ally.

After my mulligan, I’ve drawn Leo De Luca, Joey “The Rat” Vigil, and .41 Derringer. So my mulligan paid off!! I’m happy with this and ready to go.


Pretty much a dream opening hand, post-mulligan, for what I want to be doing.

Hand: Backstab, Logical Reasoning, Leo De Luca, Joey “The Rat” Vigil, .41 Derringer

Resources: 5, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 7

Round 1

Action 1: As explained earlier, we are going straight to the bar this round in order to clear out Act 1 in exactly 2 rounds. Since this first part takes exactly 3 actions to do, we can’t spend time do anything else. So I move to Clover Club Lounge and pleasantly wave at the aloof Clover Club Pit Boss (who I will probably Backstab into oblivion later tonight.)

Action 2: I move to the Clover Club Bar.

Action 3: Chug, chug, chug! Finn has a drink. We spend 2 resources to gain 2 clues and draw 2 cards. Dang, I’m going to have a full 8 cards in my hand after this upkeep. The two cards we draw are Sneak Attack and Flashlight. I’m perfectly fine with this!

During the enemy phase, the Pit Boss moves to the Bar with me.

During Upkeep, I draw my second .41 Derringer. So, unlike last game, I have TONS of access to damage. The catch is going to be, I need to have money to pay for all of this. That’s something I’ll have to carefully keep an eye on. There’s no way I can pay for all these cards.


Hand: Backstab, Logical Reasoning, Leo De Luca, Joey “The Rat” Vigil, .41 Derringer, Sneak Attack, Flashlight, .41 Derringer.

Resources: 4, Clues: 2, Health: 7, Sanity: 7

Round 2

Doom time! And while we’re at it, better draw an encounter card. It’s….Something In the Drinks. Okay, so we lose 1 action right off the bat. Yikes. However!! Not to fear! We only need 2 actions to complete this strategy, so we are likely still okay. So long as we don’t surge into the second copy of this card, we are ready to go! We have to draw our surge card and it is… Arousing Suspicions. Well, I’m not a fan of that. We have to add a doom to our Pit Boss. But other than that, we are ready to go.


Action 1: Move to the Clover Club Lounge.

Action 2: Discard Leo De Luca. Okay, now I know I said in Part 2 that I was taking Joey so I could discard Joey over Leo. BUT, here is the situation. I know the Pit Boss is moving back to me next round. I am hoping to kill him, probably not Round 3, but soon afterwards. I will likely kill him with a Backstab, and Joey will give me an Agility icon. Plus, I don’t have the money to pay for Leo AND do reliable damage, which I am hoping to do this game.  6 resources is way too much for me.

We must immediately spend our 4 clues and advance the act. We must discard cards from the top of the encounter deck and spawn a Criminal enemy in play. It’s O’Bannion’s Thug. This guy should be manageable due to our free Evade actions and Sneak Attack.

No Action 3 because of Something In the Drinks.


Clover Club Pit Boss moves to me and I want to kill this dude really bad.

During Upkeep, I draw Peter Sylvestre! Ayyyy, an ally I can actually afford to play! We’ll see if I have the actions available to do that this game. The timer on this scenario is SO tight when you play it second.


Hand: Backstab, Logical Reasoning, Joey “The Rat” Vigil, .41 Derringer, Sneak Attack, Flashlight, .41 Derringer, Peter Sylvestre.

Resources: 5, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 7.

Round 3

We add 1 more doom. This turn is the Witching Hour, because of the Arousing Suspicions from earlier. Welp, let’s see what pops out at us now. It’s…. O’Bannion’s Thug. Thankfully this is still aloof! I am pretty dang sure that this O’Bannion’s Thug is just going to be devoured by an abomination later on, so this doesn’t particularly affect me in any way. Phew!

Just lounging around with a doomed Pit Boss and future abomination food.

Action 1: We got to make a beeline for the Back Hall Doorways and hope for the best. We move down to the Clover Club Cardroom for the first time.

Action 2: Move to Darkened Hall. The Back Hall Doorways enter play.

What mysteries await behind these doors?

Action 3: At this point, I have a bit of a decision to make. I can start just moving into places, or I can put an asset into play. I’m starting to get a little bit conscious of the fact that my weakness this game is Amnesia, and I can get my hand of 8 cards wiped. Furthermore, I’m going to be forced to discard something anyway once I draw for this upkeep. Well, I guess I’ll just play something then.

We are going to put Peter Sylvestre into play. This is because he will help me evade better to set up Sneak Attack, and also the extra Agility will help me Backstab. Hopefully more things will get to come into play soon though.

Pit Boss moves to the Cardroom during the enemy phase. Nothing else happens, because the enemies are still aloof.

Looks like Naomi’s Crew might be on to me… can’t expect to keep this cover much longer!

During Upkeep, we draw…. Smuggled Goods! Ironically, I don’t particularly need this, since I have a full hand of cards as is, two of which are Illicit. I’ll likely end up committing it for icons.


Hand: Backstab, Logical Reasoning, Joey “The Rat” Vigil, .41 Derringer, Sneak Attack, Flashlight, .41 Derringer, Smuggled Goods.

Resources: 3, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 7.

Round 4

Our doom is added and we flip our Agenda. Ughhh. We go straight to Agenda 2b now. We spawn an Abomination enemy in the Lounge! The enemy we draw is Servant of the Lurker. A strong enemy, but one with victory points. Incidentally, every time I look at this card, my brain thinks it’s a mouse wearing spectacles. Like, I get that it’s not that, but… anyway. Striking Fear gets added to our encounter deck, which sucks bad for Finn. Let’s see what we draw now… it’s an Arousing Suspicions. Good. This doesn’t bother me, since I’m pretty sure I will either kill this Thug that is engaged with me or the Servant of the Lurker will eat it. Either way, this doom isn’t going to be hugely relevant.


Action 1: We evade the O’Bannion’s Thug which is now engaged with us due to it no longer being Aloof. Can you believe this is the first test we have done all game? Wowza. Anyway, here we go. This is a 5v2 test. We draw a… -1! Great!

Action 2: No time to waste Sneak Attacking. I move to a Doorway location, and it is the… Back Alley. Honestly, I was hoping for the Art Gallery, but I will make do with this.

Action 3: We investigate! This is a 4v1 test, and we draw a… -1 again. Wasn’t expecting to fail a test like that anyway, but still, this is going perfectly.

Action 4: Once again, I have the problem of having too many cards in my hand. So rather than investigate this round, I’m considering playing an asset now and investigating Round 5. On the other hand, I’m a little worried about my economy, since I really need to have access to Backstab when it comes time to murder things.  Plus, if Servant of the Lurker eats the Pit Boss, that is XP I am losing.

This really weird idea is forming in my mind. I can sit right here in the Back Alley. The Pit Boss will stay 1 step ahead of the Servant of the Lurker, so it will reach me first. Once it reaches me I will take a hit, but I can also swing at it quite easily, so long as I have money. The problem after that point is the Servant of the Lurker will come at me right after, and hit me for even more, and who knows what state I’m in after drawing encounter cards?

I still want to play a card here, so here’s my Hail Mary plan. I’m going to play Smuggled Goods to look for Finn’s Trusty .38. The odds of this working are not amazing. There are still 25 cards in my deck for it to be buried in. But if I can find it, this gun will do more reliable damage than the .41 Derringer, and be cheaper to put into play on Round 5. It’s also Fast, and every action is precious right now. I figure it’s the best option I have. So for Action 4, I play Smuggled Goods and cross my fingers.










I never thought I would be so thrilled to see this card.

Not only was it in there, but my signature weakness turned out to be the top card of my deck! The opportunity to shuffle is going to be huge now. Smuggled Goods goes right back into my deck and Finn has a good chance to deal damage Round 5 and onwards.


The O’Bannion’s Thug is nom-nom-nommed by the Servant of the Lurker. The Servant of the Lurker and the Pit Boss both one step closer to me! Oh no!

Time for upkeep, and let’s HOPE that Caught Red-Handed is not still on top of my deck. We draw a… Lone Wolf. PHEW. Not a weakness.


Hand: Backstab, Logical Reasoning, Joey “The Rat” Vigil, .41 Derringer, Sneak Attack, Flashlight, .41 Derringer, Finn’s Trusty .38 (yay!), Lone Wolf

Resources: 4, Clues: 1, Health: 7, Sanity: 7.


Round 5

This is going to be a really important round for me. So, we add the doom first, and now, time to draw a card. It is…… Frozen In Fear. Well, that’s a problem. Thankfully, I can just remove it with my Logical Reasoning.


Action 1: We play Logical Reasoning to get rid of Frozen In Fear. I hate that this is happening, since it certainly didn’t factor anywhere into my plan and it forces me to spend the money I wanted to spend on my Events. But it’s better than still having it on me, since that will wreck my actions really fast on a scenario with a short timer.

FAST: We play Finn’s Trusty. 38. We now have no money.

Action 2: My goal at this point is to gain more resources so I can play things like Backstab or Sneak Attack if necessary. I have two options. I can gain a resource now and play Lone Wolf Action 3, OR I can just gain 2 resources. I think that this game will continue to go long enough to make playing Lone Wolf very much worth it. I gain 1 resource.

Action 3: I play Lone Wolf!


Things are starting to get messy! The Pit Boss engages me and a big attack comes through. Ouch! Meanwhile, the Servant of the Lurker is now in the Darkened Hall.

During Upkeep, we draw…. ANOTHER BACKSTAB! This is definitely going great.


Hand: Backstab, Joey “The Rat” Vigil, .41 Derringer, Sneak Attack, Flashlight, .41 Derringer, Backstab.

Resources: 1, Clues: 0, Health: 5, Sanity: 7.

Round 6

We add another doom bringing us to 3 total (although one doom will be wiped by the Lurker eating the Thug very soon, so really it’s 2). Our encounter card this turn is….  Dissonant Voices. Well, it’s a good thing I played my Trusty .38 already!!


Start of Turn: I get a resource from Lone Wolf.

Pit Boss about to get pumped full of lead.

Action 1: Time for this Pit Boss to get destroyed. We will start with an evade! This test is 5v3. It’s quite important for me to pass this one, so I’ll finally commit my Joey that I have been saving for particularly this purpose. This test is now a 6v3. We draw a….. -1! With the Pit Boss evaded, we have 3 opportunities to murder his face!

Action 2: We fire our first bullet. Hopefully, this won’t go as poorly as trying to shoot the bird from last time. This is a 5v3 test. We draw a…. Skull! Skulls are -2, which means this connects and we do 2 damage.

Action 3: We will shoot again! Pew pew! I may as well commit one of my guns, in case I draw a Cultist token. This is a 6v3 test. We draw a… Skull again! The Pit Boss is dead!

Action 4: So, I’m not thrilled about the Servant of the Lurker hit that is going to be coming up, but frankly, there is nothing I can do about it. So I’m just going to focus on picking up this last clue on the Back Alley. It’s a 4v1 test and I draw a… +1! Wow, this is going fantastic. That’s another XP earned.


During the enemy phase, the Thug is eaten in one big gulp by an abomination. The Servant of the Lurker whacks me in the face. This may be not the best plan, but I’ll take 2 of the damage and 1 of the horror on Finn himself, and place 1 horror on Peter to heal later. I think I can make it through the rest of this scenario without dying still, even with 3 health remaining. I have to discard the top 2 cards of my deck. It’s a Flashlight and my Smuggled Goods again. Aw. Smuggled Goods will have a hero’s burial in my discard pile.

During Upkeep, we draw… another Sneak Attack!! OOOH. And now Dissonant Voices is also gone! Let’s hope I draw ANYTHING but that this next round.


Hand: Backstab, .41 Derringer, Sneak Attack, Flashlight, Backstab, Sneak Attack.

Resources: 3, Clues: 2, Health: 3, Sanity; 6.

Round 7

We are now at 3 out of 7 doom on this tracker. Time to draw a card. I really, really, really need this next card to NOT be Dissonant Voices. If it is Dissonant Voices, I won’t be able to play my Backstabs or Sneak Attacks to kill this Servant of the Lurker. I draw a card and it is….







Dissonant Voices.


Well, then.

Start of my turn: I gain a resource which will sadly not be used to play my Sneak Attacks and Backstabs this round.

Action 1: Thankfully, I can Evade this guy pretty reliably.  This is a 5v2 test, and we draw… our third Skull! Well, I won’t complain. The Servant of the Lurker is evaded.

Action 2: Time to ditch this jerk and pick up more clues. I move to the Darkened Hall.

Action 3: I move to another Back Hall Doorway. This time, it’s the Art Gallery.

Action 4: I feel pretty good about just investigating this place as is. A little risky, because I would hate to lose resources, but time is of the essence still. This is a 4v2 test and we draw a…. -1! Another clue! 3 more needed to wipe this place clean!


Nothing happens in the enemy phase because the Servant of the Lurker is still exhausted.

During Upkeep, we draw…. Guts! Not sure how useful that will be, but I’ll take anything that’s not a weakness right now.


Hand: Backstab, .41 Derringer, Sneak Attack, Flashlight, Backstab, Sneak Attack, Guts.

Resources: 5, Clues: 3, Health: 3, Sanity: 6.

Round 8

I sure am glad I played that Lone Wolf. I have tons of money now! We are now at 4 doom. The next card is… Hunted Down. No criminals, so this does nothing and surges. Instead we draw, Rotting RemainsIT’S GUTS TIME! This is a 3v3 test, and while we have plenty of sanity, we’re still going to pray we don’t lose. We draw a…. ZERO?!?! GUESS WHO PASSED ANOTHER WILL TEST. FRIGGING FINN EDWARDS. We draw a card from our Guts, and it’s Hatchet Man!!!! HOLY FRICK. This could not be much better.


Start of my turn: I gain a resource from Lone Wolf. I went from having nothing, to having more resources than I even really need.

Action 1: I feel pretty okay with just blind testing this again. It’s 4v2, and we draw a ….. -1! Another clue.

Action 2: We move to the enemy-free Darkened Hallway.

Action 3: We move to the last location to the be investigated, the VIP area. Not spending the clues, because I can’t be bothered to deal with Peter Clover.

Action 4: I really want to get the clues off here, so I’m going to play my Flashlight to help make that happen.


During the enemy phase, the Servant of the Lurker moves to the Darkened Hall.

I don’t draw cards or gain resources during Upkeep, which, all things considered, I’m actually fine with. I got enough to do what I want to do here.


Hand: Backstab, .41 Derringer, Sneak Attack, Backstab, Sneak Attack, Hatchet Man.

Resources: 4, Clues: 4, Health: 3, Sanity: 6

Round 9

The clock is REALLY winding down as I hit 5 doom. We draw our next encounter card and hopefully, it doesn’t screw up everything. It’s just Cursed Luck. Honestly, I think that’s about the least harmful thing I could have asked for here.


Start of my turn: I gain a resource from Lone Wolf. Thankfully, the text on the VIP Area only applies to upkeep, so I am still getting paid!
Action 1: So, I have to make a decision here. By my estimation, assuming nothing else stupid happens, I have this round and one more round to resign. I’m not entirely sure I can clear this room AND kill the Servant of the Lurker. I’m really regretting playing my Flashlight now, since clearly I didn’t count my actions against the doom properly.

Clearing this room is 2 actions, assuming I don’t fail anything. Killing the Servant of the Lurker is likely 2-3 actions. Moving back to the Back Alley is 2 actions and resigning is 1 action. So that means, assuming I fail NOTHING AND nothing else ruins my plan, I can just barely squeeze out getting both xp points here. However, this plan also will require me to take a hit from the Servant of the Lurker in the Darkened Hall, which will drop me to 1 Health remaining. That is extremely dangerous. Also, if I fail anything at all, this plan just implodes. So while it is conceivable for me to get both of these points, it’d be playing on a razor’s edge. I would really rather not lose this scenario.

Finn and the Servant of the Lurker caught in a stand-off between these two rooms.

While I’ve done great thus far, I’m going to just play it safe from here on it. So for Action 1, I decide to move to the Darkened Hall.

Action 2: The Servant of the Lurker is now upon me. I evade it to set up the rest of my plan. I will be committing my Hatchet Man, for sure, and one of my Backstabs, since I actually don’t need two. Even considering the Cursed Luck, this test is a 6v2, and is guaranteed to succeed UNLESS I autofail.

I draw a….







-1! YES. Cursed Luck is gone and it is time to kill this exhausted Servant of the Lurker.

Action 3: I deal 3 damage with Sneak Attack due to the previously played Hatchet Man.

Action 4: I deal 2 damage with my other Sneak Attack. It’s dead, and I only had to test to Evade it. Damn, I love this deck right now.


During the enemy phase, the Servant of the Lurker, oh wait, IT’S DEAD. SUCK IT.

During Upkeep, I draw… Professor Warren Rice. Which isn’t particularly useful, since I’m just running away at this point, but I’ll take it.


Hand: Backstab, .41 Derringer, Professor Warren Rice.

Resources: 2, Clues: 4, Health: 3, Sanity: 6.

Round 10

We are at 6 out of 7 doom! This is the end! We draw a Frozen In Fear. Welp. Any last second thoughts we may have had about clearing out the VIP Area and just allowing the building to fall on us have evaporated. I sure am glad I played it safe now.


Start of My Turn: I gain a resource from Lone Wolf. A lot of cards saved the day for me, but this card, this card right here, this card really saved the day for me.

Action 1: I move to Back Alley. This costs 2 actions due to Frozen In Fear.

Action 3: I resign!!!

BUH BYE CLOVER CLUB. I hate to leave XP behind like this, but keeping Finn protected from a  building collapsing on top of him seems more important.


The O’Bannion gang has a bone to pick with Finn. (Understandable, since I let them get eaten by an Abomination and also murdered the face off their Pit Boss.)

Dr. Francis Morgan was kidnapped. (No surprise there.)

No one cheated. In fact, out of 11 tests, I didn’t fail a single one this whole scenario, not even the 3v3 Will test on Rotting Remains. What’s more I escaped with 0 actions left available. If anything that was Fast wasn’t Fast, or if I failed even 1 test, or if I drew another Something In the Drinks, or any number of other things that could have happened, this outcome would be quite different. Finn is one lucky bastard tonight.

We earn 4 experience. (Clover Club Pit Boss, Servant of the Lurker, Back Alley, Art Gallery.) We earn 1 additional experience as Finn reflects on the night’s events, so 5 total. Dang, we did good.

Outside the fact that we didn’t get the last room, which is  entirely due to the Arousing Suspicions draw adding a doom and making us lose a turn’s worth of actions, this was a perfect run of House Always Wins. If you’re not overly familiar with Dunwich, rescuing Peter Clover changes very little. In fact, there is a case to be made that it can make things worse rather than better.

While we’re at it, we will go straight to Interlude 1: Armitage’s Fate. We gain Dr. Henry Armitage. I am happy about this because it gives us Wild icons for committing later or for chucking at train cars in Essex. While I don’t find this card necessarily better to play than the other ally cards I’m working with, I’m more than okay with having it.

With all that out of the way, it is time to spend our 5 experience! Five experience is the perfect amount of experience to have, since it allows us to do exactly what we wanted to do in between House and Miskatonic – purchase Streetwise and 2x Lockpicks. Lockpicks usually replaces Flashlight, but with Miskatonic coming up, I don’t particularly mind having both in my deck right now. I have a lot of damage cards I don’t need right now, so I will drop 1x .41 Derringer and 1x Backstab. These cards are more expensive, and cutting 1 of each allows me to still have access to them in my deck, in case. I will almost certainly use Adaptable to bring back one or both of these later on. While we are on the topic of Adapatble, we will definitely use our Adaptable to switch out our 2x Joey “The Rat” Vigil. He served his purpose for this scenario, and it’s time for some new selections. The obvious choice to prepare for Miskatonic Museum would be something that would help me get clues, and all things considered, the best option here is 2x Perception. (I still don’t like Eavesdrop enough to include it for this.)

The cards on top are OUT. The cards on the bottom are IN.

And with that, I am feeling quite confident in my Finn’s ability to face the Miskatonic Museum. Will this hubris be my downfall? Will my plan to steal the Necronomicon be thwarted? Or will my spree of illicit activities continue with a successful heist? We’ll find out in the next part!