So, having played Arkham Horror: The Card Game since launch in 2016, I’m usually quite confident in my understanding of the rules. However, sometimes, I still screw up, as evidenced by my run through in The House Always Wins. Some readers who are a little bit more on top of it than me pointed out some mistakes, and so in the interest of fairness, I will be doing my best to justify these errors.


Mistakes From “The House Always Wins”

  1. Only 1 clue spawns on the Back Alley Doorway locations, not 2. This is simply me not paying any attention. I’m so used to playing Dunwich two-handed instead of solo, that I honestly was on autopilot and didn’t read the cards closely enough! Whoops!
  2. When you resign, you are eliminated from the scenario, and when an investigator is eliminated “All clue tokens that player possesses are placed at the location the investigator was at when he or she was eliminated.” This means that I could not have gained XP from clearing Back Alley, because I resigned at that location.


I’m quite sure those are the only mistakes. Thank you, readers, for pointing them out to me!

Thankfully, since I recorded my run through action by action, I can tell exactly where these affected me in the scenario. Rather than re-run the scenario, I will use my judgment to assess game impact and whether or it not the rule mistake worked for me or against me. If it worked against me, I’ll let it stand. If it worked for me, I’ll come up with a fair way to undo it.

  • Round 6, Action 4, I pick up a clue that should not be there. However, all things considered, if I wasn’t investigating, I wouldn’t be doing much else of significance. This had minimal game impact, and made the playthrough harder.
  • Round 8, Action 1, I pick up a clue that should not be there. Re-reading this whole round, for some reason, I took 4 actions? None of them were evades and I don’t have Leo. What am I doing?? Since this clue wasn’t supposed to be there anyway and I took too many actions, I will cancel this action and let the rest of the turn stand. Although, clearly I am not paying as much attention as I ought to be!
  • Round 9, 2 clues spawn on the VIP Area. However, I don’t attempt to pick up any of them. I probably would have attempted to pick up the one clue on my location, if I had correctly left 1 there instead of 2. Ultimately, this had no game impact other than making the game harder.
  • Round 10, after I resign I do not drop my clues on my location by being eliminated. I gained one experience I should not have gained. This has a major game impact, and I will be subtracting the 1 XP.


While it’s always a bit of an awkward situation to mess up the rules, especially in a public blog post, at least these mistakes are easy enough to fix and will not warrant a total redo of the scenario. Everything stands, save for 1 XP I lost. Ironically, if I played this all properly, I probably would have cleared the Art Gallery and gained 1 XP from that instead. Well, it is what it is!

Since I have 1 fewer XP, I will be removing Streetwise from my deck. This is because I still am not confident I have enough money to reliably trigger it. Lockpicks obviously stay for Miskatonic.

So I have 2 XP to spend. There are some good allies available, but I’m not prioritizing allies since I’m in ally-heavy Dunwich, have no Charisma, and can still use my Adaptable to switch in level 0 allies. I also really like having my Peter Sylvestre in play, and I’d be pleased to see Professor Warren Rice next scenario as well.

After much consideration, I will take a second Hot Streak(2). I should be set for money now with this purchase, especially if I take the Necronomicon post-Miskatonic Museum. I have to remove another card from my deck to make space for this card. I really don’t need 2 Flashlights anymore, so I will be removing 1 of them.

My goal for next time will be to go for Streetwise and weapons such as .41 Derringer(2), Lupara, or Chicago Typewriter.

Other cards we are considering:

Moxie. This will replace our Dig Deeps as our Will pump, and we can then re-purpose those slots for a second Peter Sylvestre or perhaps a Lucky.

Charisma. I’m starting to get a lot of competition for my ally slot, and this would be welcome post-Blood on the Altar (assuming I don’t fail a whole bunch before then).

Lola Santiago. This makes my Lockpicks even more bonkers, and would make me an unstoppable clue gatherer.

And with that, we are good to go! Thank you, readers, for keeping me on my toes! Tune in next time for Miskatonic Museum (this time it will actually be next.)