After rescuing Professor Rice and Dr. Armitage, Finn has learned all about the Necronomicon locked inside the Miskatonic Museum. He, and he alone, will be able to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands!
As always, before we begin this scenario, let’s consider what we want to have happen.

  1. Not die to Beyond The Veil. This scenario has the garbage Sorcery + The Beyond encounter set combo that Finn hates. Hopefully, we will not be getting screwed over by that. Otherwise, we will be on a much short timer.
  2. Farm XP. Finn has high natural intellect and I have been tailoring my deck with this scenario in mind. We really ought to be able to wipe this place clean, provided we don’t get tied up with Beyond The Veil shenanigans.
  3. Evade the Hunting Horror as much as possible. I have high natural evade plus a free action to do it. I should be fairly safe evading him for the most part, which will keep Shadow-spawned from stacking out of control.
Ready for our third adventure!

With that in mind, let’s draw our starting hand!

Opening Hand: Dig Deep, Emergency Cache, Smuggled Goods, Lone Wolf, Manual Dexterity.

I really, really like this opening hand. The Dig Deep + Emergency Cache + Lone Wolf should help protect me from BTV, which is excellent. I would prefer though to have something to help me gather clues from the beginning, since I will be attempting to clear the 2 clues off the Museum Entrance asap. I will mulligan the Manual Dexterity. We draw a Backstab instead, which doesn’t help us all that much. Oh well!


Not the greatest starting hand, but let’s see how this goes.

Hand: Dig Deep, Emergency Cache, Smuggled Goods, Lone Wolf, Backstab.

Resources: 5, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 7

Round 1

Action 1: I can’t gain resources, so a bunch of my cards don’t even work. I do really want to get my Lockpicks into play now, if I can, even if it means sitting here into Round 2. I can try and find one of the two copies with my Smuggled Goods. For my first action, I will play my Smuggled Goods.

Sadly, no Lockpicks turn up! I pick up a Pickpocketing instead. Pickpocketing will do wonders for me this scenario if I continually evade the Hunting Horror. Smuggled Goods gets shuffled back into my deck.

Action 2: Well, I better just try this. I don’t want to stand out here all day. We investigate 4v3. We draw a -4. Yikes.

Action 3: We’ll try one more time. We investigate 4v3 and draw a… +1! Phew.


No enemies.

No resource during upkeep. We draw a card and it is… Professor Warren Rice! YAY! I’m so excited to run through this Museum with Rice in tow.


Hand: Dig Deep, Emergency Cache, Lone Wolf, Backstab, Pickpocketing, Professor Warren Rice.

Resources: 5, Clues: 1, Health: 7, Sanity: 7.

Round 2

We put our first doom out and draw an encounter card. It is…Stalked in the Dark. The Hunting Horror is not in play, so this won’t do anything. It surges, and instead we draw…Beyond the Veil. Obviously. Beyond the Veil also surges and we draw… Visions of Futures Past. Well, this is a fun time!! We are testing a 1v5 and we draw…. a -1. So I lose 5 cards again. Why is my life this way? The BTV timer is alive and well.

Action 1: I put Professor Warren Rice into play for 3 resources.

Action 2: I investigate 5v3. I draw a Skull, which is a -1. We got both clues and we spend them to advance the Act. Adam Lynch joins our ragtag crew. We also discovered the last clue on our location, so we exhaust Rice and draw a card. It’s our weakness, Caught Red-Handed! Nothing happens, so that gets shuffled back into the deck.

Action 3: We move out of the Entrance and into the Museum Halls!

We finally made it in.

No enemies.

I finally get a resource from the Upkeep phase! Yay! We draw a card and it is… Hot Streak! OOOOH. With our Dig Deep, we should have so much money available to blow through these Will tests now.


Hand: Dig Deep, Emergency Cache, Lone Wolf, Backstab, Pickpocketing, Hot Streak.

Resources: 3, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 7.

Round 3

Another doom! We draw the top card of the encounter deck and it HAD BETTER NOT DISCARD MY DECK AGAIN. We draw….. Obscuring Fog. THANK NODENS. This is the best thing that could have happened. First of all, it doesn’t discard my deck. Second of all, it puts Obscuring Fog somewhere it won’t do any damage, as there are no clues on Museum Halls. We’re going to keep pushing on here, and set up to protect ourselves from Will tests.

Action 1: I play Dig Deep.

Action 2: I play Lone Wolf. I have no money left, but I think it’s going to be a-okay. I’ll be getting money quickly very soon, and with Emergency Cache and Hot Streak in my hand, I’m not worried at all.

Action 3: I move to the Administration Office to start seeing if I can get some clues! This office can’t be investigated unless I have 4 or more resources. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem at all!

Come to Papa, clue.

No enemies.

During upkeep, I draw…. a Flashlight! It’s not a Lockpicks, but I will gladly accept this.


Hand: Emergency Cache, Backstab, Pickpocketing, Hot Streak, Flashlight.

Resources: 1, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 7.

Round 4

We are up to 3 doom. Hopefully, we don’t face another Will test just yet as I am lacking in resources to pay for my Dig Deep triggers. We draw an Ephemeral Exhibits. Well, thankfully, we have a high Intellect stat right now. We test a 5v3 and we draw a…. +1! Hooray! We smashed that test.


Start of My Turn: I get a resource from Lone Wolf. This is going to happen a lot this game.

Action 1: I play my Emergency Cache so I can have enough resources to investigate this room right away.

Action 2: I could play my Hot Streak now, but I’m going to hold off on doing so for a little bit. Time is of the essence, and I don’t think I need that many resources right this second. I investigate 5v1. I draw another Skull and take the clue. I exhaust Rice again and I draw a Hatchet Man. We’ll see how useful that will be this scenario.

Action 3: I move back to the Museum Halls.


No enemies.

During upkeep, we draw our .41 Derringer. Again, I don’t know how useful this card will be this scenario, but we will find out. I still have no Lockpicks, but we are making do.


Hand: Backstab, Pickpocketing, Hot Streak, Flashlight, Hatchet Man, .41 Derringer.

Resources: 6, Clues: 1, Health: 7, Sanity: 7.

Round 5

We add our 4th doom and it is now the Witching Hour. Not getting out of the Entrance right away is really screwing up this timing. Well, we draw another encounter card. Honestly, with this many resources, I’m not too scared of a Will test at this point, I think. We draw a… Stalked in the Dark. Again, this does nothing. We surge and draw… Visions of Futures Past. Ookayyyy game. I get it. You want me to die. The question now is how many resources I want to toss into this test. Frankly, we get them back really fast and I don’t need to be spending a lot of money right now on anything else. We may as well just chuck all 6 resources we have into this test to make it a 7v5. We do this and pull a…. -2!! FINN PASSES VISIONS OF FUTURES PAST.  It takes all his resources to do it, but we FREAKING DID IT.


Start of My Turn: We get a resource from Lone Wolf.

Action 1: We move to the Security Office. This Security Office is the one that lets you look at the top side of the Exhibits. Honestly, I don’t really care for that ability and will likely not ever use it.

Action 2: I investigate 5v3. We draw a -1! Making great progress.

Action 3: I could start moving back to the Museum Halls, but I’d rather stay here and get this clue too, just in case I need it for some reason. We test 5v3 again and draw a +1. Everything is coming up Finn now! We discover the last clue on this location, so we exhaust Rice to draw a card. It’s Leo! Honestly, I probably won’t play Leo at this stage. But at least, I am one card closer to my freaking Lockpicks, right?

No enemies.

During Upkeep, we draw… Perception. Nice, I like this! Our hand is also full, which means we got to start using cards soon.


Hand: Backstab, Pickpocketing, Hot Streak, Flashlight, Hatchet Man, .41 Derringer, Leo De Luca, Perception

Resources: 2, Clues: 3, Health: 7, Sanity: 7

Round 5

The agenda advances! The Hunting Horror spawns in the Museum Halls and the discard pile gets shuffled back into the encounter deck. Now, the real adventure begins! We draw our encounter card and it is… Cursed Luck. This is also not that bad, since all my stats outside my Will are so high anyway, and that’s really what I test.

The Museum Halls is turning into quite the hellhole.

Start of My Turn: I gain a resource from Lone Wolf.

Action 1: At this point, I’m counting my actions to see if I can put Pickpocketing into play this turn or not. I will be evading the Horror this turn, but I also don’t want to my end turn in that location. I’m quite sure playing Pickpocketing is one more action than I have available, so I will hold off on that for now. I move to the Museum Halls.

Action 2: I evade the Hunting Horror. Currently, this test is 3v2. I would really like to get it to +3 at minimum. This is because the Skull is -3 when the Horror is on me. I have to get ready of some of these cards anyway, so I will commit my Backstab to this test and spend 1 resource. Now this test is a 5v2. We draw a… -1. The Hunting Horror is evaded and the Cursed Luck is discarded.

Action 3: I spend one clue to put an Exhibit Hall into play.

Action 4: I move there. It’s the Athabaskan Exhibit that has nothing on it. Oh well.


We pull a token to see if the Hunting Horror readies. It does not.

During upkeep, we draw Peter Sylvestre. A great card I probably won’t ever play because of Professor Warren Rice taking the ally slot right now.


Hand: Pickpocketing, Hot Streak, Flashlight, Hatchet Man, .41 Derringer, Leo De Luca, Perception, Peter Sylvestre.

Resources: 3, Clues: 2, Health: 7, Sanity: 7.

Round 6

A doom goes on the Agenda and we draw a… Locked Door. Well no place has clues anyway, so we may as well just shove this on the Museum Entrance. That was lucky!


Start of My Turn: See Lone Wolf.

Action 1: NOW I want to play Pickpocketing. I’m quite content to evade this idiot over and over and over and I may as well get rewards for doing so. Yes, it screws up my actions slightly, but I don’t even care. It ought to be paying off.

Action 2: I move back to the Museum.

Action 3: I evade the Hunting Horror. This is a 4v2 test. Again, I want it to be +3 at least, so I spend 1 resource with Dig Deep. I draw a Skull. While I evaded the Horror, I now have to drop a clue on the location with the Obscuring Fog on it. Not great! Thankfully, we got the extra clue off the Security Office earlier! With Pickpocketing, we drew a Sneak Attack. My end game plan is now feasible. We will try to Hatchet Man into Sneak Attack this monster to kill it when its time comes.

Action 4: We spend another clue to put the next Exhibit Hall into play.

We check to see if the Horror readies. It does! And it swings at us!! Rice soaks the damage and horror.

During upkeep, we draw another card. I’m now at 9 cards, so something has to go! I draw Finn’s Trusty. 38, so I may as well discard my .41 Derringer as a trade-off.


Hand: Hot Streak, Flashlight, Hatchet Man, Leo De Luca, Perception, Peter Sylvestre, Sneak Attack, Finn’s Trusty. 38.

Resources: 2, Clues: 0, Health: 7, Sanity: 7

Round 7

What horrors will we encounter next, I wonder? We draw… another Obscuring Fog. Well, hilariously, this just gets discarded outright, because there is already an Obscuring Fog here. This encounter deck hasn’t done much to me so far.


Start of My Turn: We gain 1 resource from Lone Wolf.

Action 1: We evade the Horror. As per usual, I will spend my Lone Wolf resource to help. We test 4v2 and draw a +1. I could use my Pickpocketing, but honestly, my hand is full, so I just won’t even bother.

Action 2: We move to the next Exhibit Hall, the Nature Exhibit, which has a shroud of 4 and 1 clue on it. After we enter, we must discard 2 card at random from our hand. Honestly? Not that worried about this. I will be left with 6 cards anyway with ample possibility to draw more. We discard Hatchet Man and Finn’s Trusty .38.

Action 3: I have Perception in my hand, so I will commit that to this investigation test. This is a 7v4 test. We draw a… Skull. Because this test is successful, we get the clue, we draw a card from Perception, and we draw a card from Rice. So in the end, we get two cards back in our hand. We draw Guts and Smuggled Goods, which HOPEFULLY will show us Lockpicks at some point, right??

Action 4: We move back to the Museum Halls. I have plenty of health and sanity available should this monster ready and hit me. While we have been incredibly successful so far, we got to keep being speedy.


We check if the Horror readies and it does. Finn takes a damage and Rice is close to dead now.

During upkeep, we draw our second Dig Deep. The only thing I will use this for is committing, but it will save a resource.


Hand: Hot Streak, Flashlight, Leo De Luca, Peter Sylvestre, Sneak Attack, Guts, Smuggled Goods, Hot Streak.

Resources: 3, Clues: 1, Health: 6, Sanity: 7

Round 8

We are at 3 out of 7 doom! We draw the next card and it is… Ephemeral Exhibits again. This test is once again 5v3, but I will commit my Leo De Luca to make it 6v3. I really don’t think I’m ever playing him at this point. We test and draw a -2, so we lose no turns!


Start of My Turn: We gain a resource from Lone Wolf.

Action 1: We evade the Hunting Horror. As promised, I commit my Dig Deep to make it a 5v2 and we draw a 0. It’s evaded! And we draw a card with Pickpocketing and we draw… Caught Red-Handed. WELP. That means the Hunting Horror readies again! And since nothing moved, this gets shuffled back in my deck.

Action 2: We evade again. We spend 1 resource to keep this test at 5v2 and we draw a -1. This time it will be evaded for real right?

Action 3: We spend a clue to put the next Exhibit Hall in play.

Action 4: We move there. It’s the Medusa Exhibit. This place should be really easy to clear.


We check to see if the Hunting Horror readies (and hopefully it doesn’t). It… doesn’t ready! Phew!

During Upkeep, we draw another Hot Streak. We now have both Hot Streaks in our hand.


Hand: Hot Streak, Flashlight, Peter Sylvestre, Sneak Attack, Guts, Smuggled Goods, Hot Streak.

Resources: 4, Clues: 0, Health: 6, Sanity: 7.

Round 9

We are at 4 out of 7 doom. The next thing we draw is Visions of Futures Past. I hate this card so much, but not enough to spend my resources on it at this point. I can play a Hot Streak action 1 this turn if I don’t spend anything, and that’s what I would like to do so that I can spend more on Will tests in the future. So I will commit my Guts and Peter Sylvestre. That makes it a 4v5, which means I almost certainly lose, but hopefully, I don’t lose much. And… I autofail. So, I do lose by much.

I discard Sleight of Hand, Lockpicks (?!?!?!?), Sleight of Hand, Hatchet Man, and Logical Reasoning.

Start of My Turn: I get a resource from Lone Wolf.

Action 1: I play Hot Streak. This gives me 10 resources. I should be safe from Will tests now.

Action 2: So I really don’t want to fail this investigation test on the the Medusa Exhibit, because if I do, I have to discard an asset I control. Frankly, I want all my assets. But I don’t think boosting this test helps me at all. Right now, only two tokens fail me this test. So I’ll just save my stuff and investigate 5v2. I draw a -1, so my plan paid off. We exhaust Warren Rice and draw a Perception!

Action 3: I move back to the Museum Halls.

Action 4: Finn evades the Hunting Horror. I use 1 resource out of my giant pile to make this a 5v2 test. We draw the… Tablet. Well. We pass, which is nice, but now the clue is on the location, so we won’t be able to do much more until we pick it up.


We check to see if the Horror readies. Annoyingly, it does, and it hits us. I am trying to keep Rice alive, so I’ll take the hit.

During upkeep, we draw our Amnesia. Well, this is our first time drawing it all campaign long, so it was bound to happen. Out of all the cards, I still have, I’m going to keep the Flashlight. I need it if I want to be able to blow through this Obscuring Fog.


Hand: Flashlight.

Resources: 11, Clues: 0, Health: 5, Sanity: 6

Round 10

We are at 5 out of 7 doom! We now draw a LOCKED DOOR, which is the worst thing that could have happened. This is going to make it insanely hard to pick up these two clues, which incidentally, are the only two clues available on the entire map.

I may have spoken too soon when I called the Museum Halls a hellhole. NOW it’s a hellhole.

Start of My Turn: Lone Wolf it up.

Action 1: Not much choice but to evade again. I spend a resource for safety. The test is 5v2. I draw a Cultist, so we pass. I use my Pickpocketing to try to rebuild my hand. I draw Leo, which might help if I commit him.

Action 2: Got to destroy this door. I spend 3 resources to make this test 7v4. We draw a… -2. Well, at least the door is gone.

Action 3: I spend 2 resources to put my Flashlight into play.

Action 4: I investigate with the Flashlight. This is a 5v2 test now. We draw a -1 and we got the clue and removed the Obscuring Fog. PHEW. Good work, Finn.


We check to see if the Hunting Horror readies. It does. Seriously, what are the odds on this? This is so annoying. It punches me again.

During upkeep, we draw a Manual Dexterity. I’m coming up to an interesting problem where I’ve been drawing so many cards, with Beyond the Veil on me, that I will have to be more mindful of my card draw now. I literally only have 8 cards left in my deck, so I have to win asap.


Hand: Leo De Luca, Manual Dexterity

Resources: 6, Clues: 1, Health: 3, Sanity: 5

Round 11

We are now at 6 out of 7 doom. It is once again the Witching Hour. The next thing we draw is Pushed Into The Beyond. This will discard 3 more cards. I’m going to die to Beyond the Veil if I don’t get out of this. I will shuffle my Pickpocketing into my deck and discard the top 3 cards. I discard Double or Nothing, Dr. Henry Armitage, and Manual Dexterity. Thankfully, I don’t take horror at least.


Start of My Turn: I gain a resource from Lone Wolf.

Action 1: Got to keep trying to evade this thing. I decide to just blind evade it 4v2. We draw a -2 and we are safe.

Action 2: I spend a clue.

Action 3: I move to the next Exhibit Hall. This is really coming down to the wire. It’s the Egyptian Exhibit.

Not the Restricted Hall, but I’ll see about getting another Victory Point at least.

Action 4: With nothing left to lose, I will investigate 5v3. I draw a -1 and pick up a clue.


We check to see if the Horror readies. IT DOES. HOLY. It hits me AGAIN.

During upkeep, I draw Double or Nothing.


Hand: Leo De Luca, Manual Dexterity, Double or Nothing.

Resources: 8, Clues: 1, Health: 3, Sanity: 4.

Round 12

The agenda advances and I am severely questioning my ability to R1 this scenario. A doom gets added to the Hunting Horror. We draw the next encounter card and it is… Stalked in the Dark which means I get attacked again. I am determined to keep Rice and Lynch alive, so I will take this hit as well.


Start of My Turn: I gain another resource.

Action 1: I evade the Horror. This time I have so many resources, I may as well play it safe and make it a 6v2 by spending 2 resources. I draw a… -4!!! We’re safe!

Action 2: If I’m going to fail spectacularly, I may as well get some XP in the process. I use my Flashlight to pick up another clue. The test is 5v1, we draw a -2 and pass.

Action 3: I move to the Museum Halls.

Action 4: We’re going to keep plugging away at this scenario until the bitter end!! Maybe… We spend another clue to put the next Exhibit Hall in play.


We check to see if the Horror readies. For once, it does not.

During Upkeep, we draw Lockpicks (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!). ABOUT TIME.


Hand: Leo De Luca, Manual Dexterity, Double or Nothing, Lockpicks.

Resources: 7, Clues: 0, Health: 2, Sanity: 3

Round 13

We place a doom and draw the next card. It is Arcane Barrier. I should be able to break this with Dig Deep, but regardless, after taking a step back, I can see we have problems.

  1. I have 4 cards left in my deck which means I die to Beyond the Veil very shortly. I also know one of these cards is Caught Red-Handed.

    This is literally my deck.
  2. Assuming the next Exhibit Hall is the Restricted Hall, I do not have my damage output available to remove the Hunting Horror. My only option would be to take attacks of opportunity and spend tons of actions moving back and forth to try to dump an exhausted Horror. This is not feasible. Caught Red-Handed will also screw up this plan really.
  3. I am very close to taking a trauma as well, particularly from BTV, but also from the Horror if this goes on too long. I also probably won’t even get another XP for the trouble at this point either.
  4. This is the single best opportunity I have to move to the Entrance and resign.


I am going to push to resign at this junction.  I really wanted to pass this one, but yet AGAIN, I have lost ten cards to Visions of Futures Past (five of which were due to an autofail) while having Beyond the Veil on me. I really should have been more conscious of this, and perhaps skipped out on more of the card draw from Pickpocketing and Rice. Alas, I have learned my lesson. Perhaps I should have killed the Horror while I had the chance too, when Hatchet Man + Sneak Attack was still available to me.

The resign option is in sight. Finn just has to break through this Arcane Barrier. Shouldn’t be hard, right?

Start of my Turn: I gain a resource.

Action 1: I move to the Museum Entrance. I will dump every dollar I have to this test. It is 7v4. We draw a 0.

Action 2: Finn resigns.


No resolution:

Finn failed to recover the Necronomicon.

Finn earns 3 xp.


Well, that did not go as well as I wanted, at all. It was fun to have money, and I passed a lot of tests. The problem was the Beyond the Veil timer combined with Visions of Futures Past made it nearly impossible to win before running out of cards in my deck. I really took way too much card draw as well, and I should have thought better of that as I nuked my deck more than the encounter deck did. Well, these are all things that I will have to remember for the future. It sucks to have to end a scenario this way, but I’m glad we had the opportunity to cut our losses.


I had promised multiple times that I would take Streetwise once I got 3 xp again. However, on reviewing what happened in Miskatonic Museum. I do not believe that is necessary. Streetwise gives a +3 boost to my strongest stats. I already am winning on those stats almost every time; I really don’t have any problem at all passing those tests as of late. This would just be spending 3xp to fix something that my deck is already good at doing. I am going to wait on Streetwise.

Instead, I will spend 2 xp on 2x Moxie. This will serve to improve my Dig Deeps, which have been core to my experience so far. That leaves me with 1 xp left. Most of my upgrade options here are allies, and I don’t really want to add new ones since there’s tons of competition as is for the slot. I’ll upgrade one of my Leo De Lucas, and hopefully, I can actually play him at some point.

Since I still have my Adaptable available, and I just replaced 2 of my out of class slots, I would like to refill those slots with some out of class cards again. After some thought, I have decided to take 2x Rise to the Occasion. This is because with Essex coming up, I can use the wild icons to chuck them at cars. Alternatively, I can use them to protect myself against any Will tests. It won’t work on much else, but it will serve its purpose for Essex. To make space for these, I will drop 1 Sleight of Hand and my other Pickpocketing (given that Pickpocketing seemed to nearly kill me this game).

The cards on the top are OUT. The cards on the bottom are IN.

With that, The Miskatonic Museum is behind us. The Essex County Express is next. See you next time!