Starting this year, we’re going to be adding a new contest around here! Rites of Glory adds a Permanent to each investigator’s deck to be used with very specific rules. The investigators which earn the most Glory tokens will be recognized in our Hall of Fame every month! Sound like a fun challenge? Here’s the first one for January 2019.


Knives to Meet You

You’ve awoken in your Study…. again! Except this time, you are in some kind of weird, alternate universe where enemies can only be damaged by sharp objects! Specifically knives. Thankfully, you brought a lot of those with you… right?


Scenario: The Gathering, from Night of the Zealot

Special victory conditions: You must defeat the Ghoul Priest.

Additional Glory rules: You can gain 1 bonus Glory for each Icy Ghoul and Flesh-Eater defeated.

Investigators Allowed: Any.

Team members allowed: Solo only.

Difficulty: Standard.

Starting experience: 0 xp.


The Permanent




Q: Do the knives have to be different or can it be the same knife in both hands?

A: It doesn’t matter if the knives are the same or different.

Q: Do events, skill cards, or investigator abilities like Agnes still deal damage?

A: Yes, they do.

Q: Why is Spirit Athame listed if it costs 1 XP?

A: Because Mateo can take it with his starting 5 XP.

Q: Which Switchblade is this?

A: This is specifically the level 0 Switchblade, since no one can legally bring in the level 2 Switchblade.


Submission link – Click below and fill out the survey form to submit your entry. DEADLINE IS JANUARY 31st.


Please hold on to your deck list, because if you finish in First Place, I will publish your decklist in a follow up article!


And with that, have fun and seek glory!