Welcome to a new challenge from Rite of Seeking: The Finish the Deck Challenge! This is for all you deckbuilding aficionados out there to test your creativity. For this challenge, I will present you a partially constructed deck and some conditions. Your task is to finish the deck following those conditions in ArkhamDB, then send me a link to your finished deck. Unlike most challenges, there is no real “winner” or “loser”, but the most interesting submissions will be featured on the following FtD post.


For this first challenge, we are creating Gas Station Lola! Why is it called Gas Station Lola? Because Lola loves pumping, of course!




-All level 0 cards.

-Deck is to be played on Standard in The Path to Carcosa. (Where else would we send our brilliant gas station attendant actress Lola?)

-This deck can be for either Solo or Multiplayer; you can decide.

-Lola loves pumping so much that there are NO PASSIVE STAT BOOSTING ASSETS ALLOWED. Not even passive stat boosts during Fights on a weapon like Knife are accepted. Basically, if the card says +X to anything, unless it’s a paid pump ability such as Fire Axe, it is BANNED. Cards that affect the difficulty of tests are okay (i.e., Flashlight, Drawing Thin, etc.). I can already see this being asked, so I will say now that according to these rules, Well-Connected is banned. Even though it is an exhaust and requires money, Gas Station Lola is smart enough to know it’s not a real pump, so she can’t stand to look at it.

-Assets don’t have to be pumps to be acceptable. Cards that don’t affect stats like Cherished Keepsake, Dr. Charles Ross, or Leo De Luca are all fine.

-No restrictions on events or skill cards (including Intrepid; Lola will find it in her heart to accept it even though it reeks of non-pump boosting).


That’s it! Now go break a leg and work on publishing those decks to ArkhamDB. Submit your entry HERE and in 1 week we will review the entries and see what everyone came up with!


Happy deckbuilding everyone.