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The coronavirus may be shutting down most of society, but it’s business as usual in the town of Arkham. QuarantineCon, an impromptu virtual Arkham Horror convention running from March 14 to March 20, is a chance for the Arkham Horror community to come together virtually during a difficult time and have fun playing and celebrating the Arkham universe together. Content creators are encouraged to share content with the community, and all Arkham players are encouraged to participate in virtually-facilitated games with other players!  More articles will come out during the event detailing more about our lovely content creators and how to play virtual games of Arkham Horror. You also can expect an article everyday from me right here at Rite of Seeking! Frankly, we all need a little more fun in our lives during this time and I am hoping QuarantineCon will meet that need. Stay tuned for more information in upcoming posts about what all is going on this week!


For now, here’s the first event. “Quarantined in Arkham” is a solo run through of Night of the Zealot with special ultimatums! The event begins now and will last the duration of QuarantineCon. Submissions close March 20th at 12AM Mountain Time. I’ll choose to share 5 submissions on a follow up post, based on things like successfulness, creativity, and level of challenge.



Quarantined in Arkham

Investigator count: Solo only

Investigator choice: Any investigator

Campaign: The Night of the Zealot

Difficulty: Any of your choice

Ultimatums: You may optionally include the below QuarantineCon Ultimatums during your campaign. (I strongly recommend you do, otherwise you are just running normal solo Night of the Zealot!)


The QuarantineCon Ultimatums:

Ultimatum of Preventive Measures:

You may add as many of the following Preventative Measures as you like during your solo campaign through Night of the Zealot. Be warned though, some of these Preventative Measures are hard! If you truly dare, add all of them for a Full Quarantine!

  • Social Distancing: Whenever you perform a Parley action, add 1 doom to the agenda.
  • Hand Washing: At the beginning of the campaign, add Hypochondria to your deck as an additional basic weakness.
  • Dispose Infected Items: After an enemy attacks you, you must discard an Item asset you control.
  • Stockpile: After you draw a copy by name of a card already in your hand, shuffle the just drawn copy back into your deck. Do not draw a new card to replace it. (Stockpile does not affect your opening hand or mulligan.)
  • Wait for Results: During the first two rounds of the game, you cannot discover clues.


Ultimatum of Thematics

You must make your deck as thematic to a pandemic quarantine as possible. There is no exhaustive list of what counts as thematic and what doesn’t, but the more you can justify your deck as thematic, the better. Some examples of cards that are easily justifiable as thematic for a quarantine are:

  • Barricade
  • Impromptu Barrier
  • Medical Texts
  • Healing Words
  • First Aid
  • Slip Away

This ultimatum is only limited by your creativity and is highly subjective. For submitting to the event, I recommend creating a decklist on ArkhamDB and writing your explanation for your deck’s theme on that site. There is a spot on the submission form to add a link to your ArkhamDB deck.


After completing your campaign, submit your results using this link.


Thanks, everyone, for showing up for this new event and continue to stay tuned for more stuff to happen during the week!