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Welcome investigators to our first Community Roundup post! Here’s what been going on for you to enjoy since QuarantineCon has launched.

  • Of course, QuarantineCon was kicked off with the Quarantined in Arkham challenge! I’ve been receiving a few really exciting runs already. If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend giving it a go! The challenge is fairly open-ended, so you can make it as easy or as challenging as you like.
  • Are you a fan of the Mythos Busters? You should be! The Mythos Busters have started up a new contest (starting March 14th and going to April 15th). The contest is an audio scavenger hunt where players must find the indicated audio bites in their podcasts. The link can be found here.
  • Miskatonic University Radio has released episode 42 of their podcast, a lively discussion of the player cards from Where the Gods Dwell. The link can be found here.
  • Finnish investigator Jussi-Pekka Kumpulainen has been posting playthroughs of a Dunwich Legacy campaign in the form of an Instagram photo series. The investigators used are Jenny Barnes and a custom investigator named Benny Wise. You can follow the adventures of Jenny and Benny at his Instagram account at northern_lights_over_arkham.

That’s it for our first QuarantineCon Community Roundup. Stay tuned for more QuarantineCon news!