YOUR HOUSE – Horrible news out of your house today as your older brother demanded to be Roland yet again and forced you to be Daisy even though you really wanted to be Roland this time because he was Roland last time and you are always Daisy.

“I want to be Roland, he has a cool gun,” said you, as you tossed your hands in the air.

“No, I’m the older brother, I get to be Roland,” said your older brother, being the big meanie jerk he always is.

“I don’t wanna be Daisy anymore,” you said, trying to hold back tears in the face of this injustice.

“Well, it’s not like you can be Skids, because we only have one core set,” said your older brother rolling his eyes. “And you can’t be Agnes since the lack of key cards such as a second copy of Shrivelling, any copies of Rite of Seeking, or even a Fire Axe render her completely unreliable by comparison.”

“I’ll just be Wendy,” you said, digging through the box before your brother taunted back that “of course you’ll play the investigator who’s a little girl”.