The sun beats down on the huddled group, diverse in number but singular in purpose. The dust is brushed off the crypt by Ursula. The incantation has been spoken by Agnes. Leo leads the way forward as 28 others follow.

Only one will make it out alive.

This is Judgement in June.

The rules are simple. Every day a poll will go up where you can vote for any one of the 29 currently released investigators you wish. The investigator with the lowest number of votes every single day will be – how do we say it? – eliminated.


In the end only one investigator will rise to survive Judgment in June. You the players will decide who it will be. Will the last surviving investigator be able to overturn the curse plaguing Arkham? Or will you have chosen a weak fool who will crumple before the Elder God just like the 28 before? Only time will tell.


The first post for Judgement in June will go up June 1st.