Zoey Samaras (Akachi/Silas/Ursula)

The four of us walked in silence down the hallway towards the East Room. Well, all of us except for Ursula.

“I wonder what relics could be hiding up ahead.”

“Every relic seems to bring us one step closer to understanding the truth about this place.”

“Deadly yet beautiful. What kind of mind… what kind of civilization would design a relic like this crown that slowly impales the wearer?”

“Ursula,” I finally said. “Why did you even bring that with you?”

Ursula spun around, as though I had something truly insane. “You never know what you’re going to need in a temple like this! If it’s here, it must be because it has some kind of importance.”

“But, as you pointed out, the crown can also kill you,” Akachi said.

“Well, I certainly don’t plan on wearing it right now,” Ursula said. “Perhaps if we run out of options-”

“Can we talk about anything else?” Silas bellowed.

Ursula frowned and curled up her back a little bit. Nobody said much after that until we made it to the East Room.

When we finally entered the East Room, we weren’t even sure we were in the right place.

“There’s nothing in here,” Akachi said.

“How odd,” Ursula muttered. “No doors. No relics. Not even any signs that anything was in this room before.”

I examined the room a little more closely while the others continued to talk amongst themselves.

“So, Silas, is Carolyn going to be okay?” Ursula asked.

There seemed to be markings against the wall. More alien symbols?

“She’s fine. She insisted I leave her behind.”

Upon closer inspection, it’s the same long, thin mark over and over and over again. And it’s not just in one place either. It’s around the chamber.

“Lola wasn’t looking well when we left her, was she? I hope Carolyn can provide her some aid. I felt badly we left her alone in the first place,” said Akachi.

Always in sets of two whenever they appeared.

“We had no other real choice, did we?” Silas said.

I looked up. The others didn’t notice, because they were looking for what was in the room. But now I could see something missing from the room. The walls had large rectangular holes running around it, in some kind of pattern.

I paused for a second.

The completely empty room. The marking on the wall. The holes that would serve no purpose unless…

“We have to get out of here!” I yelled. I began to run towards the exit. “THIS IS A GAS CHAMBER.”

A clicking noise went off, followed by a high-pitched hiss.

I made it out into the hallway and didn’t look back to see if anyone was even following. I ran and ran and ran until I made it back into the central room, where I was greeted by Yorick.

“Zoey?” Yorick asked. “What’s wrong? You look like you’ve been running from a ghost.”

“The East Room is a gas chamber, Yorick,” I said, grabbing him by the shoulders. “They’re in trouble.”

“Agnes, Sefina, Wendy – I’m going after them!”

“No, don’t!” I shouted. But he wouldn’t listen. Yorick ran down the hallway.

I waited for what felt like an eternity, hoping somebody would make it out.

Yorick emerged, followed by Silas. His eyes were watering and he was coughing horribly. The next person to come out was Ursula, who looked totally untouched. She was holding her crown by her side.

“I had a feeling this would come in handy and I was right!” Ursula said proudly.

“Shut up, Ursula,” Silas said, in between pained coughs.

“Where’s Akachi?” I asked.

“She… oh god,” Silas said.

“Akachi thought that the mist from the vents was the same mist as we encountered in the mausoleum. She spoke her chant and slammed her staff to try to repel the mist, but it did nothing. She tried it over and over again. Every time, more and more poisonous gas entered her system until she collapsed,” Ursula said. “I know she was trying to save us, but… she only put herself in danger.”

“She wasn’t moving when I made it in,” Yorick said. “I managed to pull out Silas, but when I saw Akachi lying there, I figured she was already dead by the time I got in.”

“Akachi’s dead?!” Wendy screamed.

“Are you going to be okay?” Agnes asked. “Exposure to poison like that?”

“Hey, Agnes, I think you and I have bigger things to worry about right now,” Sefina said ominously.

She pointed at the book. A light was coming off of it.


Alive (Ranking)

  1. Minh
  2. Zoey
  3. Agnes
  4. Jenny
  5. Pete
  6. Preston
  7. Calvin
  8. Wendy
  9. Finn
  10. Ursula
  11. Mark
  12. Yorick
  13. Silas
  14. Roland
  15. Sefina



June 14th: AKACHI, succumbed to poisonous gas in the East Room

June 13th: RITA, woke up alive in Arkham

June 12th: LEO, shot dead by Finn in the South Room

June 11th: REX, torn apart by byakhee in the North Room

June 10th: MARIE, fell into the chasm in the South Room

June 9th: CAROLYN, head smashed by Lola in the Button Room

June 8th: JOE, shot himself in the Lust Room

June 7th: SKIDS, dismembered in the Greed Room

June 6th: JIM, possessed by Ambrose in the Lust Room

June 5th: DIANA, possessed in the Lust Room

June 4th: MATEO, drowned in the Sloth Room

June 3rd: DAISY, shot dead by Roland in the Gluttony Room

June 2nd: NORMAN, disintegrated in the Envy Room

June 1st: LOLA, abandoned in the Button Room


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