ROSEVILLE, MN – Exciting news from Fantasy Flight Games as Matt Newman and team announced a new standalone scenario. “We were so excited by the community response to The Blob Who Ate Everything that we wanted to keep the hype going with a new scenario,” Newman explained. “That’s why for GenCon and Arkham Nights 2020, we’ll be releasing our next scenario – Father Mateo: The Priest Who Sealed Everything.”

The scenario asks the investigators to be able to pass just one simple test after Father Mateo sealed the Elder Sign on Codex of Ages, the +1 on Crystalline Elder Sign, all of the 0’s on Shards of the Void, a -1 on Protective Incantation and a harmless Skull token on The Chthonian Stone. (Seal of the Seventh Sign was not available as this Father Mateo has not made it to Shattered Aeons yet.)

“Lorewise, there is no reason for Father Mateo to be this way,” said Newman. “He’s just kind of a jerk.”

Encounter cards will see Father Mateo sealing more and more things, such as investigator stat lines, entire locations, and elements of reality.

“We wanted this scenario to really evoke the feeling of playing with a really bad Father Mateo,” Newman said. “I think the team, most of whom are still sealed themselves, did a stand out job.”

Father Mateo: The Priest Who Sealed Everything will be available in stores Q3 2020.