ARKHAM – A new study out of Miskatonic University suggests that local researcher Mandy Thompson has more Segments of Onyx than friends. The study, conducted by detective Joe Diamond and random vagrant “Ashcan” Pete, determined that Mandy’s collection of Segments of Onyx, consisting of 3 segments, was greater than her friend circle, consisting of no segments.


“One time, I asked Mandy to help me find me a weapon and she told me to look for it myself because she was, and I quote, busy “researching” with Mr. “Rook”,” said Joe Diamond. “That’s not what a real friend would do. And we all know “Rook” isn’t Mandy’s friend either! Is that guy gonna fight an abomination for you? I don’t think so, Mandy!”


“I don’t even know why I’m here,” said “Ashcan” Pete, “but I can tell ya one thing – I don’t trust anybody that can read a book!”


In response to the study, Mandy issued a statement that three Segments of Onyx make one Pendant of the Queen and Queens don’t have friends, they have subjects, so everyone else better search for a new attitude lest they find themselves in for a shocking discovery.