BOSTON, MA – The announcement of The Innsmouth Conspiracy has made Arkham fans incredibly excited for new player cards, new investigators, and new scenarios. However, absolutely none of that matters in comparison to the excitement the community feels over the release of an updated Taboo list wherein Mr. “Rook” could be nerfed into oblivion like the overpowered broken card that he is.

“When I heard about The Innsmouth Conspiracy, my immediate first reaction was Matt had better put Mr. “Rook” on the Taboo list or I am never playing Arkham Horror again,” said local player Mackenzie Newport. “I understand that it’s a cooperative game, and the Taboo list is optional, and all of that. But the fact that this card is not on the Taboo list fills me with an irrepressible anger which words cannot describe. The Innsmouth Conspiracy can finally fix that for me.” Upon being asked if maybe therapy would be a better fix for him, Newport added, “There is no therapy in the world that can help me cope with how much I despise the unbalanced, unbridled shrine to power creep that is Mr. “Rook”.”

“Oh look at me, I’m Mr. “Rook”, I’m drawing you cards for no actions while giving you health soak as a Seeker ally for no XP and oh here are 50 copies of Astounding Revelation to get 100 resources, oh yeah, this is super fair and balanced and should totally be in the game!” said Newport while flailing his arms around in the air in an attempt to mimic what it feels like to be the kind of player who uses Mr. “Rook” normally. “WRONG. FFG is clearly terrible at card game design and unless they fix it with this Taboo list, I don’t know how I can continue to support this terribly made product, seeing as it contains 1 card I don’t like very much at all!”

While many had strong feelings, other players did offer up other perspectives. “What’s the Taboo list? I don’t know what that is,” commented Marco Huang. “I thought we were all excited about fish people? Is that not happening?”

The Innsmouth Conspiracy will be released later this year.