FFG was excited today to release a set of starter decks featuring brand new player cards, including one pack with brand new player cards for Calvin Wright, I mean, Nathaniel Cho.


“The Guardian cards that are mostly Spirit-traited are perfect for our brand new investigator,” said Matt Newman, “making them ideal for Calvin Wright. Oh wait, did I say, Calvin? I meant Nathaniel. All of these cards were designed with Nathaniel in mind. Yes, they are for a Guardian investigator, primarily. Definitely.”


The cards, which include Spirit traited cards that let you gain resources, fight, and discover clues as well as a card that lets you search your deck for Spirit cards and add them to your hand, were all carefully crafted with a specific investigator in mind. That investigator is the investigator featured in this pack, Calvin Wright with Versatile, I mean, Nathaniel Cho.


“While we took care to make sure this deck works great with Nathaniel Cho, did I finally get it right that time, yes, amazing, we also want to point out that these cards work with other Guardian investigators,” continued Matt Newman. “For example, many of these cards are Tactics, meaning they will synergize with Mark.”