Local players were stunned to learn that the first card to be added to the Forbidden ban list for Taboo play was Double or Nothing, a one icon skill card that makes tests twice as difficult to pass.

“Like, I can understand, you know, that if you used Flashlight on a location with a shroud of 2, right, so then the location has a shroud of 0, and then you Double or Nothing, okay, so then 0 times 2, okay, that’s still 0, so you pass that test, right, unless you autofail, and it’s like, now you get another a clue, you know?” said Eric Stevenson, who is obviously a Preston player. “But Deduction already sort of did that, a little bit. So like, you know, I don’t get it.”

“Double or Nothing makes skill tests more difficult. Therefore, it’s a bad card, and we hate that,” said Anna Temple, a Marie player. “Like, if any card should be on the Forbidden list, it should be Prophesy. Have you seen how many Wild icons that thing has? It has two wild icons!”

“Three wild icons,” said Quentin Tomlinson, Anna’s teammate and a degenerate De Vermis Mysteriis Mary player.

“Wait, when did that happen? What did you do now?” said Anna.

“Anyway, if we’re banning one icon skill cards, what’s next? Fearless?” added Quentin. “This sets a dangerous precedent for the Mystic card pool. That’s probably why they got Promise of Power now — to help balance all the overpowered one icon skill cards they had previously.”

At press time, we were still looking for Seeker players to interview for this article, but they were all too busy crying in the corner to comment on the Innsmouth Taboo list.