After watching you fail yet another treachery test, local Mystic Akachi Onyele would like to make some simple, friendly suggestions.

“I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve been failing Rotting Remains and Crypt Chill a lot,” said Akachi. “As a fellow investigator, I’m just curious — have you tried committing Guts?”

“I know that committing Guts will only take your Will to a 3,” Akachi – who has a sanity of 8 and a base Will of 5 and a fucking Holy Rosary in play on top of that — commented. “But every little bit helps right? Who knows, maybe you’ll draw a +1 for a change.”

“I also understand that, as a Rogue, you have an asset in your deck called Tennessee Sour Mash. Maybe you should put that into play at some point this game,” added Akachi. “I bet that would help you so much. I mean, it’s not like Lockpicks has been doing anything for you, am I right?”

When it was pointed out that Akachi could commit her own Guts to the test if she was that goddamn concerned about your treacheries, she explained she needed to save that for her important Clairvoyance tests or else the team wouldn’t be getting any clues. At press time, Akachi was too occupied playing a level 2 Ward of Protection on herself to offer further comment.