While many were excited about the announcement of FFG’s new boxed product, Half Full Box, some of the community were outraged upon discovering the box would be half empty.

“This is unacceptable. FFG should know better,” said one Robert Tindale on an explosive Facebook comment that FFG will surely read. “As someone who gets personally offended by the release of optional products for a non-competitive game, I can say without question that Half Full Box is a slap in the face to all the members of this community!”

“Frankly, they should apologize.”

A representative for FFG was quick to point out that half of the box was chock full of content – namely, new player and encounter cards which will add replayability to previously released content. “We are excited to announce the release of Half Full Box,” said Martin Queen. “While the box itself may be half full of cards, we hope that the other half will be full of your imagination.”

This press release was not enough to placate members of the community, who quickly found other reasons to dislike Half Full Box.

“I also don’t like the rectangular shape of the box,” said community member Wendy Beasley. When pressed on what shape she would prefer the box be, Beasley shrugged and said, “A more different rectangle.”

There were some members of the community who were quite pleased with Half Full Box. “FFG is releasing something?” said Anna Chang. “Yeah, I’ll probably buy it the day it comes out.” When it was pointed out to Chang that the box was half empty, Chang shrugged and said, “Let’s be real. The box could be totally empty – it’s not like I’m not gonna buy that shit.”