ARKHAM – In a truly horrifying, sanity-destroying twist, the first scenario in “The Circle Undone” sees our brave investigators trying to work out how the hell dual-class cards work for their deckbuilding restrictions.

“Wait, so, if this is a Seeker card AND a Survivor card, how many cards is it?” Zoey Samaras asked, while holding a Grisly Totem. “Do I… do I want this or not? Ah, screw it, I’ll just do what I always do and run two Double or Nothings I end up not even using.”

“If this is a Survivor card, why is it taking up an out-of-class space?” asked “Ashcan” Pete. “It’s a Survivor card. Right? RIGHT? JUST TELL ME IT’S A SURVIVOR CARD. I’M A SIMPLE MAN WHO NEEDS A DOG TO EXPLAIN THE MYTHOS TO HIM.”

“Is this 30 cards??” asked Finn Edwards, as he pulled his hair out in front of a stack of what was very obviously 15 cards.

Lola Hayes could not be reached for comment, as she immediately lost all 6 sanity when dual class cards were explained to her.

The investigators only agreed to continue their investigation after being reassured that any tarot cards encountered would not be dual class tarot cards.