By Jim Culver

Enough is enough.

I have had it with these !#&* SNAKES on this !#&* PLANE of existence.

At first, as I explored the jungles of Central America, I was okay with it. Snakes in a jungle? That made sense. I was aggravated by how often they would attack and poison us, but at least it made sense for them to be there.

But then the snakes kept coming. Snakes in a temple. Snakes in the past. Snakes in the present. Snakes above ground. Snakes under ground. Why are there so many damn snakes just everywhere? Just the entire plane of existence is covered in !#&* SNAKES.

Everybody listen! We have to put a barricade between us and the snakes. That way, if they are Hunter, at least they will stop chasing us. And maybe once we do that, we can figure out a way to jump to a different reality, one without so many !#&* SNAKES. I am a Mystic after all. I can probably do that. Right???

Just someone get me out of here. Please.