ARKHAM – A recent inquiry into Diana Stanley has uncovered she has been ignoring all texts from the investigation group chat and gaining +1 Will. Our sources have not confirmed if this is a quality unique to Diana or if it’s because group chats suck and anyone would gain +1 Will if they ignored them.

“Minh keeps trying to show me uploads of her crappy sketches,” complained Diana. “Does she think I’m made of data? Does she not know that going into another dimension causes me to rack up roaming charges?”

Some investigators have been unimpressed by Diana’s “antisocial” ways. “I was trying to see if Diana had any preference on where to eat after we hit up the Orne Library,” said a disappointed Daisy Walker. “She didn’t say anything, so we ended up just going to Velma’s Diner.”

“Where else would we go to eat???” Diana yelled at our reporter when he asked her opinion on this matter. “It’s ARKHAM. There is ONE diner. Why do you need to set up a group chat for this?”

At press time, Diana was canceling her plans to hang out with Daisy and Minh after investigating and gained another +1 Will.