ARKHAM – A new investigator is making waves after it was discovered she was entitled to victory points just for participating. Ashlynn Davis, the Millennial, was feeling “totes lit fam” after receiving 1 VP for doing no actual work and taking selfies of herself at various crime scenes.

“I’m just here to discover myself,” said Davis, who is part of a new class of Investigator that is repressed by labels and refuses to identify with any of the traditional 5 classes.

“Her signature asset is kale,” said a stunned Leo Anderson, who says this is now the third time he has been stuck with Davis on an investigation. “What in the hell is that going to do?”

When asked about what her signature weakness was, Anderson replied, “Student Debt, apparently.”

When asked about the incidents around The Gathering, Davis reminded our reporter that that could not have been her, as there was no way she could afford to own her own house.