MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY – A stunning new report published by Miskatonic University suggests that Carcosa is an alternate plane of existence where the ancient King in Yellow holds dominion over all things, rather than a tile laying game about a French walled town as previously believed.

“When I first heard this adventure was going to be about Carcosa, I thought, neato, I’m really good at that game,” said Miskatonic astronomer, Norman Withers. “I even mentioned I have all the expansions. And let me tell you, it’s a lot of expansions!”

“I’m disappointed it’s something else.”

“Jim, Norman, and I were all ready to sit around the table and have a rousing good time laying tiles and placing meeples over drinks,” said Roland Banks. “Instead, we have to cross a portal to another world where madness reigns as a god. As far as clerical errors go, this one is pretty egregious.”

Not everyone seemed stunned by the news.

“If these people listened to literally anything I said, we wouldn’t be having this problem,” said local actress Lola Hayes.