DEEP UNDER THE EARTH – Survivor investigator William Yorick was killed following a mishap during an investigation, which is really weird when you think about it.

“I mean, we were told this guy was a Survivor,” said Jenny Barnes. “Uhhh, guess not?”

“We were just doing our investigation, I was seeking like I always do, and then I look over and then Yorick just up and dies? Like what the fuck?” said a bewildered Daisy Walker.

“He could save others from the discard pile, but he could not save himself.”

“I guess he wasn’t very lucky, right? Right?” said Mark Harrigan. “Get it? He wasn’t lucky?”

“Guess we have to bury him deep!” Harrigan added, before getting kicked in the groin by Barnes.

William Yorick is survived by a shovel and three ghouls.