ARKHAM – Local psychologist Carolyn Fern dropped her normal cool and collected demeanor as she unleashed a string of obscenities upon drawing her signature weakness, Rational Thought. “Begone, thought!” Fern exclaimed as she drew the weakness as the top card of her deck.


“I’m sick of all these thoughts trying to crawl all over my threat area,” Fern explained to our reporters. “Just looking at this ugly-ass thought makes me want to take four horror, goddamn.”


“Thoughts want only one thing, and it makes me absolutely sick,” Fern said, as she played yet another horror healing card in an attempt to rid herself of the “trashy, revolting thought”.


At press time, Carolyn Fern was reportedly unable to heal any horror off of any of her teammates as she was so determined to get this thought to finally take no for an answer and get off of her deck.