YOUR HOUSE – Well, someone fucked up bad.

Looks like this Joe who joined your playgroup has a hunch deck that is 10 Kukris and a single copy of Searching for Izzie.

“Why did he think that’s what he was supposed to do? Can he not read?” asked your friend Annabelle Clayton.

“How does he even have 10 copies of Kukri to put in this deck in the first place? That’s like 5 copies of The Dunwich Legacy deluxe box. And why Kukri at all? I just have so many questions and so few answers.”

“Is that… Is that MY copy of Searching for Izzie?” asked Madison Tanner, the Jenny player at your table. “Dude, what the fuck?”

The Joe player pointed out that this is a cooperative game and he was playing with house rules, at which point everyone at the table nodded knowingly and made a mental note to stop meeting up with people they meet on the Arkham Horror Facebook page.