DUNWICH – Surprising news out of Dunwich today as Jim Culver’s discard suddenly shuffled itself into his draw pile a few hours after eating a really bad burrito.

“I honestly wasn’t expecting that to happen,” said Culver. “I didn’t even include Quantum Flux in my deck. But here I am with a full deck, a new card in my hand, and a torn up wrapper for what was objectively the world’s worst burrito.”

Forensic evidence shows this burrito was so bad that it was powerful enough to rearrange not just Culver’s guts, but all of time and space, opening up the distinct possibility that bad burritos could be a Mystic asset in the not too distant future.

When asked if the surprise Quantum Flux was played at Fast speed, Culver assured our reporters that recovering from this burrito definitely took a full action.

At press time, our insiders determined that Burrito Agnes builds were flooding ArkhamDB, in hopes that Agnes could make good use of the inevitable horror she would be taking.