TORONTO – Arkham player Sally Monroe took extra precautions last night to guard against being spoiled by putting all the meat she just bought into her freezer.

“I’m just sick of being spoiled,” said Monroe. “You’re just walking around and suddenly it’s, oh Jazz Mulligan this, or oh Hastur that, or oh I got salmonella from eating beef again.”

“I cannot reiterate enough how sick I am from all the rampant spoiling going on.”

Fellow players seem to not mind being spoiled as much and even seemed to enjoy seeking spoilers out. When asked about spoilers, fellow player Matty Zipchuk had this to say: “Player cards are neat but- wait, did your just say Sally has been eating spoiled beef? What the hell? How is she not in the hospital?”

At press time, Sally Monroe was throwing all her Get Well Soon cards in the trash in case one of her asshole friends wrote what happens at the end of City of Archives inside one of them.