YOUR HOUSE – Excitedly declaring that he had “solved the mystery of The Gathering”, new player Ivan Cho was quick last night to toss all his player cards on the table and loudly exclaim that it was “Jim in the study with the ritual candles.”

“Jim did it,” Cho said. “There’s no one else it could be. I’m positive. GG, boys.”

“That’s not how the game works, at all,” pointed out Anastasia McDermott, local rules lawyer and Ursula minmaxer.

Cho was reportedly not dissuaded, pulling Jim, the Study, and the Ritual Candles out of the game box with surprising speed for someone who had never played this game before. “See! I was right. They were here the whole time. Read ’em and weep. Another WIN for THE CHOSTER.”

After you pulled Cho aside to explain to him that Clue and Arkham Horror: The Card Game are two completely different games united only in the fact that they both use cards, Cho put his hand on your shoulder and said it was okay to lose to the Choster every now and again and if you wanted a rematch he would be free next Saturday night at 7.