ARKHAM – In light of the new Taboos, Zoey Samaras has been seen walking around Arkham with a giant buzzer after being tasked by a god known only as H’Asbro to buzz people who talk about words on the list.

“So, after some quick thinking, I took out my machete to hit that elusive enemy and DAMN IT ZOEY STOP BUZZING ME!!!” screamed Leo Anderson.

“H’Asbro says I must buzz!” yelled Zoey as she ran away from the angry explorer.

Apparently, the rules from on high have commanded Zoey to buzz both people who talk about Rex Murphy and Rex Murphy himself for even existing.

“Makes sense this would be my fate,” said Rex Murphy, calmly sipping a cup of coffee as Zoey loudly buzzed in his ear with a zeal rarely seen. “I am cursed, after all.”

“Hey, Rex Murphy!” Norman yelled from across the street. “How’s your higher education with Dr. Milan Christopher going? HOLY HELL ZOEY STOP RUNNING AT ME WITH THAT BUZZER! I ONLY HAVE 1 AGILITY!!”

At press time, Zoey was sharpening her butcher knife should any words ever become Forbidden.