ARKHAM – A huge line of investigators formed outside the Curiositie Shoppe at midnight today to celebrate the release of “Old Book of Lore 2: Even Older, Bookier Lore”, the much anticipated sequel to the original “Old Book of Lore”.

“The first Old Book of Lore was fantastic. Scintillating stuff,” said Daisy Walker, clutching Old Book of Lore 2 close to her chest. “But at a certain point, I had already read the whole thing cover to cover multiple times. I started to wonder, could there be another book full of even older lore out there? How delighted I am to find the mysterious author has released a sequel.”

“It’s certainly much more exciting than reading the Encyclopedia over and over.”

Famous explorer Ursula Downs also made an appearance, setting up an elaborate base camp with a bonfire and a canvas tent to ensure she would be the first in line.

“When I heard there existed a sequel to the Old Book of Lore, I thought, surely such a book must contain very ancient secrets,” Ursula whispered to our reporter. “Perhaps, it’s even, dare I say, a relic of an alien civilization?” [Ed. Note: It is not a relic of an alien civilization. It was published this year in Boston, which, according to our fact-checkers, is still mostly populated by humans.]

Other investigators were also spotted in the queue. “Personally, I’m very excited to find out what happens to the characters,” said Carolyn Fern. “I’ve been analyzing all their actions and I find them all so very interesting. I just hope Gilgamesh doesn’t die at the end of this one!”

Not every investigator has been so eager about the release.

“The last time I read a book, everyone I loved died, so I’m going to pass on this one,” said Minh Thi Phan.