ARKHAM – Angrily leaving a terrible 1 star review of the Starbucks in downtown Arkham, local painter Sefina Rousseau slammed on her keyboard as she discovered the esoteric ritual she thought she was ordering for 8xp was actually an overpriced coffee.

“I said, I want a Double, Double,” Sefina wrote in her scathing review. “And all I got was this gross coffee! How the hell is this worth 8 XP again???”

The manager of the Starbucks commented to us that it should be pretty obvious what you get when you order as the menu has pictures on it, none of which depict a reality-altering arcane mystery which splits the fabric of time and space in twain. “Literally just coffees here,” said the manager.

Sefina seemed unmoved by the comment, going on to say, “Let’s just say the customer service is definitely NOT Exceptional!!!”

“Besides, everyone knows I take my coffee like I take my magic – BLACK!” Sefina added.

At press time, Sefina was guzzling down four charges of Liquid Courage to recover from the ordeal.