ARKHAM – Cultists everywhere celebrated an unprecedented victory as the local courts declared mysterious chanting protected speech under the First Amendment.

“Whether you worship Jesus Christ or you worship Azathoth the Idiot God, your freedom of speech is protected in Arkham,” said the judge, Earl Hanford. Judge Hanford denied to comment on lawyers from the Silver Twilight Lodge being the defense in this case.

Investigators lead by lawyer George Barnaby vowed to fight this decision. “Obviously, this mysterious chanting will doom us all,” said Barnaby. “It’s no different from yelling fire in a crowded theater.” When asked about the fact that fires in crowded theatres are a regular occurrence in Arkham, Barnaby added, “Well, that’s a different court case for us to look into, now isn’t it?”

A dissenting opinion on the mysterious chanting was provided by Marie Lambeau. “I don’t mind the chanting. I prophesied this would happen and so, I am ready for anything.”

Barnaby reminded the general public that Marie’s prophecies cannot be submitted as actual evidence in a court of law.