ARKHAM – Arkham resident Alyssa Graham is usually found speaking to the dead about her various concerns. However, yesterday, she changed tactics and asked to speak to the manager of the Miskatonic Museum about a Locked Door left on the premises.

“It’s unbelievable that you would have locked doors like this,” said Graham. “We are paying customers to this museum. We spent 2 whole clues just to get in! Please just let us browse the exhibits!”

“It’s a good thing I have 3 sanity because Hastur knows I’m going to be needing every last one with customer service like this!” Graham said, screaming at the Locked Door which led to the Athabaskan Exhibit.

Daisy Walker, local librarian and investigator, was quick to apologize for her Ally’s unseemly behaviour. “I knew I should have brought Dr. Milan. He never puts up a fuss about things like this.”

Harold Walsted, who was unusually alive for this time of day, explained to Ms. Graham that the museum had no manager, but it did have a giant slithering monster who could help put her concerns into perspective.