ARKHAM – Amidst elated shouts at the arrival of the likes of Tommy Muldoon, Patrice Hathaway and Mandy Thompson, a sheepish Luke Robinson went around tapping people on the shoulder reminding them that he is also still at the party and that it would be nice if sometimes people cheered for him too.

“I don’t want to overstep,” said Luke Robinson. “But I do feel a little ignored and it makes me feel sad on the inside. Like I should retreat to my special safe place [Ed. Note: The Dream-Gate].”

“Who’s Luke? That’s not Tommy,” said local investigator Zoey Samaras. When given an explanation of Luke’s contributions to the team, Zoey just shook her head. “That’s super confusing. Who would invite this guy?”

“Luke Robinson? Is he even at this location?” Daisy Walker asked. “I gave him a different location on the invite just to mess with him. I guess he ended up here anyway. What a weirdo!”

Tony Morgan was too busy arm wrestling Mark Harrigan in a show of masculine dominance to offer comment on this story.