MARKHAM, Ontario – A local mom trying to call her teenage son down for dinner time was horrified when she entered his room and inadvertently walked in on her son’s solo one-handed campaign.

“Kevin!” the mother shouted, shielding her eyes from the sight of her son’s unsleeved cards. “What have I told you about solo Roland in The Forgotten Age?”

“Mom, have you never heard of knocking?” Kevin said, throwing a pillow at his mother.

“Solo Roland is going to wrack up vengeance like there’s no tomorrow and for what, ONE clue per round?” Kevin’s mother retorted, turning her back away from her son’s poorly optimized solo play session.

“One clue matters a lot more in solo play!” Kevin exclaimed, reaching his hand deep inside of his chaos bag.

“One day, you’ll be glad you listened to your mother and put that terrible Roland deck away!” Kevin’s mother said, before shutting the door. “Now wash your hands WITH SOAP and come downstairs for dinner!”

At press time, Kevin was still hiding from his mother that he was also in a pretty committed two player Dunwich campaign with a Joe Diamond, and had been for the past 2 months.