ARKHAM – Right before Mark, Preston, Rita, and Agnes could launch the last attack against the Great Old One to seal him from our world forever, Alyssa Graham gave a prophecy about 2020 which immediately caused the investigators to voluntarily resign.

“Wait, what’s that about Australia? Climate change, you say? What’s climate change?” Agnes asked. “That sounds horrific.”

Alyssa Graham then gave everyone a primer on climate change, at which point Mark blew himself up while yelling “I’ll see you in hell” an apparent reference to the temperature of the world in the year 2020.

“Who’s President of the United States again? And what was that about black people?” Rita asked, her knees quaking. “Let’s get out of here, everyone. Clearly, this world is not worth saving.”

As a white male millionaire, Preston opted to not resign and killed the Great Old One on his own with a fire axe.