It seems hard to believe that Arkham Horror: The Card Game first released in 2016 and will be having its fourth birthday in October 2020. For those of us who have been collecting since day one, three years of material represents a lot of storage boxes, card sleeves, and dead investigators. For those players who are newer to the franchise, there’s a lot of amazing content to explore that will keep you investigating and adventuring for a long time to come. With three years already behind us, what else can we expect to come in 2020? Let’s take a look at some of the things that will be coming this year.


Prophecy 1: The Back Half of the Dream Eaters

Of course, the Dream Eaters campaign will be finishing up in April 2020, with one pack release along the way. Based on the preview articles, we can expect to see some really exciting new card releases, as well as scenarios which feature brand new mechanics never seen before in the card game. If Dream Eaters has proven anything, it’s that there is still tons of design space available for the FFG team to play with. Splitting an 8 scenario campaign into two 4 scenario campaigns? The Myriad keyword? Patrice’s investigator design? These are all things that were big surprises to most people in the community and they were surprises that have been so welcomed. Every scenario in the campaign so far has featured some new twist on the game and it just makes me even more excited about what’s to come next.


Prophecy 2: A Brand New Cycle

Typically, after the last pack of the previous cycle is previewed (which happened yesterday), the next cycle will be previewed three months later. That means we can reasonably expect to hear about what the next cycle is in March 2020, around time the 7th pack of the Dream Eaters is released. There is usually only 1 to 2 months of a gap between cycles, so we can also expect this cycle to begin in June or July 2020. 

What can we expect to come in a new cycle? Well, certainly 5 new investigators, but there has been some rumbling in the community that it may be time for another 6 investigator release. Could the next cycle repeat what we saw in Carcosa and TCU and give us 6 investigators again? There have been 2 novella investigators yet to see full release, so we are expecting to see at least one of them in the next cycle, which means FFG may be considering releasing another investigator in the pack to make it have 6 like they did with Carolyn/Marie’s full release. (Also fingers crossed for a Kate Winthrop release!)

Where do we expect the next cycle to be? Well, there are a few places still available. Mountains of Madness is a story that has largely been absent from the game as of yet, so that seems the most likely candidate for a full cycle. I think Innsmouth is also a likely candidate, and those two themes could even be linked in some way. Some kind of a water and/or ice themed cycle would be quite different from what we’ve seen so far!


Prophecy 3: Return to The Forgotten Age

Is there a more polarizing campaign than The Forgotten Age? This campaign has been criticized by a lot of people in the community for being much harder than the other campaigns at the same difficulty level. At the same time, a lot of people have also expressed how much they loved the challenge, mechanics, and theme. Seems like the jury’s out on this one. Regardless, it’s the next on the list for the Return releases, and while it hasn’t been officially announced, we all pretty much know it’s coming. Interestingly, most Return boxes have added things which make previous scenarios more challenging. However, TFA is already plenty challenging, so will this box make it easier instead? Where can it actually go? I, for one, am interested in finding out what Matt and the team do!

All Return boxes have released during either the very beginning of the upcoming cycle or one Mythos pack in. Therefore, I project Return to the Forgotten Age to release either June 2020 or July 2020. Get your machetes and blankets ready for a summer return to the jungle!


Prophecy 4: Invocation 2020

Alas, there was no Invocation 2019. However, we do know there will be an Invocation 2020 and it is highly anticipated that it will be The Blob That Ate Everything. When your store’s Invocation event will be depends on that store, but the intended window for Invocation 2020 is from May 2020-July 2020. It’s shaping up to be an exciting summer in Arkham! While you may have already played The Blob That Ate Everything if you went to GenCon or Arkham Nights, keep in mind this scenario has not yet been released beyond that and a big store event like Invocation will be the first time many players will have an opportunity to play Blob the way it was intended to be played – in a large group setting.


Prophecy 5: Barkham Horror

Now here’s something the community has really been excited about! Who wouldn’t want to play Arkham Horror as their favourite dog investigator? In terms of release, we don’t know much. All we know for sure is it will release in 2020. Notably, the article itself has no notice of what quarter of 2020 to expect a release, unlike many other FFG articles. It’s very common for FFG to announce products about 3 months in advance, so in the absence of other information, I would expect Barkham Horror to be released by March 2020, but almost certainly by Q1 or Q2 2020. It could even be around April Fools’ Day 2020. Keep in mind, this is just an unofficial projection; I have no actual information of when Barkham Horror will release! Don’t send the dogs on me if I’m wrong!


Prophecy 6: Another Standalone

Looking at what’s been announced so far, everything is very front loaded. Again, given how FFG tends to announce things approximately a quarter of the year in advance, it would make sense not much has been announced for Q3 and Q4 2020. What I do expect to happen is another standalone to come up. Why? Because right now, there’s no big event at GenCon or Arkham Nights (speaking of, this is basically also  Prophecy 7: GenCon 2020 and Arkham Nights 2020). So there has to be something new coming which will be our huge GenCon and Arkham Nights draw. What could it be? Well, I don’t think it will be another huge group experience like Blob, since they just did it and it’s probably the Invocation. It may be another mini-campaign like Guardians of the Abyss. I do think it will have some cross-table play, since that’s been so successful between Blob and Labyrinths. It could also be the release of a certain REDACTED scenario that some of us heard about in covert whispers a little earlier this year. Who knows what it will be? Certainly not me!


Prophecy 8: More Novella Investigators

I think the novellas are coming back in 2020. No, not the Asmodee paperback books which aren’t really related to the LCG. I mean, novellas like how Carolyn, Silas, and Norman were first released. I think this because Matt Newman confirmed in a Reddit AMA  that they were working on more novellas (plural!) for future release. I expect at least one if not more to release in 2020. In 2017, there were 2 novellas and in 2018, there were 3. That was the end of the novellas for a little while as none were released in 2019. I expect that if novellas do come back, that we see 2 to 3 again in 2020 and at least one of them features a new investigator.

I’m going to make a wild prediction that we see Gloria Goldberg , the Author, as a novella investigator in 2020. I mean, come on, how cool would that be, and what better way to first introduce Gloria to the game than as a novella investigator? It’s just too perfect an opportunity to pass up! Come on, Matt, don’t let me down! There are no Mystic novella investigators and Gloria Goldberg could easily be a Mystic! That’s gotta be it!


That’s enough prophecies for one day! In a future article, I’ll do a brief retrospective of the state of the game up until this point. This game and community have been amazing so far, and I’m so excited for what 2020 has lined up for our intrepid band of investigators.