BOSTON – “Wow, truly amazing,” local player Rodney Hamilton said, clearly shocked at how good this card was for Minh Thi Phan. (Editor’s note: What card he was looking at is irrelevant as he said this about every card Minh can legally take.) “With this card, Minh’s power can truly be realized,” said Hamilton, eyes widening as he looked at yet another card.


“At last, Minh will finally be the undisputed queen of multiplayer,” Hamilton said, holding up the card. “See, this card has icons on it,” Hamilton said, pointing to the icons. “Use Minh’s ability and Grisly Totem on one of these bad boys, and hoo-wee, I’m getting chills just thinking about it.”


“Fuck, this card is so good on Minh! God damn!”


“Like, you see how you discard this Survivor card to use it?” Hamilton explained for the fifth time this week. “Well, Minh can take Resourceful to get it back. And guess what, guys? Guess what? Resourceful is a SKILL CARD. HOT DAMN!”


“At last, Minh can now perfectly investigate, fight, evade, resist treacheries, move, gain resources, and draw cards, all at an incredibly high level,” Hamilton said, rolling around on the floor in awe of good this card is for Minh.


“This doesn’t even BEGIN to consider the combos with Analytical Mind!” he screamed across the table.


Hamilton then went to the Fantasy Flight Games website where he immediately went into a temporary coma upon realizing how fucking amazing all the soon-to-be released cards were for Minh Thi Phan.


At press time, Hamilton was going to take his Minh deck and meet up with his friend, who was playing an Only Tactics Mark deck, for a run through of Return to the Path to Carcosa.