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Unplayable. Bad. The worst investigator in the game.

These accusations have been thrown at me for years. And yet, I persevere to save the world regardless.

Of course, the biggest complaint I got in those early days was about my Willpower being “too low”. Sure I was no Agnes, but I thought my 2 Willpower was pretty admirable. But no, I had to face widespread hate and discrimination from others, simply for my low Will.

I tried to tell people it was just a thing about me, that sometimes people just have low Will and we should accept one another as we are. Well, Jenny and Sefina coming along certainly did not help my cause at all. “Look at this 2 Willpower freak!” the players scoffed as they looked at me trapped in their binders. “Have fun surviving Dunwich!” they said, as they reached for their precious Daisy’s and Wendy’s instead, leaving me all alone yet again.

Then, along came Finn. I could not believe my luck when I saw him. 1 Will! At last, I’m not the worst anymore! Unfortunately, it seems the players are fickle indeed.

“Finn is amazing!” they proclaimed. “He’s so good with Lockpicks!” they cried. He uses Lockpicks only 1 point higher than me, you nitwits! “Willpower is a dump stat. Don’t even worry about it.” Where was this lackadaisical attitude towards Willpower in 2016, huh?? HUH??

I thought this could not be any worse, but no, it continued as more and more low Will investigators – Joe, Winifred, Tony, Diana(why is the 1 Will MYSTIC more popular than me???) – were lauded with praise while your poor old boy “Skids” who’s been with you since day 1 continued to be mocked and left in the dust. Now, with The Innsmouth Conspiracy, it’s the final straw. THREE 2 Will investigators?? If 2016 is any indication, surely, this should be the most hated group yet.

“Wow, I love all these new investigators,” cheer the players. “My favourite group yet.”

Is there truly no hope for me??  Am I destined to be forgotten forever while other low Will investigators are glorified and beloved for their “dump stat”?

Alas, here I sit, languishing unplayed, wallowing in my 2 Will misery, dreaming that one day perhaps I will be accepted like my other low peers.