BOSTON, MA – Perceptive, forward-thinking player Gregory Sewell was left absolutely distraught at the end of FFG’s Innsmouth Conspiracy livestream as no Tactics were revealed for Mark to play.


“What the hell, Mark can’t run this!” Sewell said as he shuddered at cards like Faustian Bargain and Predestined.


“People might think that the cards have to be Guardian for Mark to run them,” Sewell explained. “But even if they are level 0 Tactics, Mark can run them.”


While others pointed out that the set brings new investigators and new mechanics, Sewell could only shake his head in dismay. “None of that is going to synergize with Mark,” he said, sighing.


At press time, Sewell was composing an e-mail to Asmodee to express his frustration.