Everything has led up to this! We didn’t expect to get this before, but our Astounding Revelation Relic Roland deck has made it to Dim Carcosa. It’s time to take on the Hamburglar himself and see if we can put an end to this madness once and for all!


This is the point where we are going to really feel the effects of failing The Pallid Mask, because playing that scenario to completion gets you some sweet tally marks towards this scenario’s setup.

We have less than 5 total Conviction and Doubt so we are using Search for the Stranger v.1. I’ve honestly never had this one, so I’m interested to see how it plays out.

We opened the path above, so we begin at Dark Spires, i.e, the top of the map.

The Man in the Pallid Mask is removed from the deck.

We add 3 doom to agenda 1a out the gate because we didn’t chase the stranger enough.

Now previously I said we would start this game with 6 horror. That’s not correct, because this effect that deals us horror rounds down, so 2.5 goes to 2. So we start the game with 5 horror and 2 damage, taking into account our trauma.

And that’s it!

Stick to the Plan

We’re going to do the exact same Stick to the Plan set up as Black Stars Rise since it worked out so well.

-Ever Vigilant

-On the Hunt

-Practice Makes Perfect

We also immediately resolve 1 Astounding Revelation, and gain 2 additional resources. Since we changed up our deck, we now have only 1 Astounding Revelation left.

Opening Hand

For our opening hand, we draw

Disc of Itzamna




-.45 Automatic

Not bad, but I want to see if we can get 3 assets in our starting hand for Ever Vigilant. I will mulligan my Glory, and hold on to Guts and Perception, as those are important skill cards for me and I am happy to see them.

After the mulligan we have the following

Disc of Itzamna



-.45 Automatic

-.45 Automatic

Well, we have both copies of .45 Automatic. This wouldn’t be a terrible Ever Vigilant, but not the best either. I might hold off a little bit on playing it until I get a better hand for it.

Round 1


Damage – 2/9; Horror – 5/5; Resources – 7; Clues – 0

Stick to the Plan (3):Ever Vigilant,On the Hunt, Practice Makes Perfect

Hand (5): ..45 Automatic, .45 Automatic, Disc of Itzamna, Guts, Perception

Action 1: I will investigate this location committing Perception. That gives me 6v3. I draw… -5. Yikes. That sucks a lot.

Action 2: I’m going to investigate again! This time I will use my Practice Makes Perfect off of Stick to the Plan. First, I did find my second copy of Astounding Revelation, so I gain 2 resources. I also found Take the Initiative, so let’s see if I can pass now! The test is 5v3. I draw a…-5 again? What the hell?

Action 3: This opening is awful for me. I’ll put a .45 Automatic into play at least.

Enemy phase: No enemies.

Upkeep: I draw Take the Initiative and gain 1 resource.

Round 2


Damage – 2/9; Horror – 5/5; Resources – 4; Clues – 0

Stick to the Plan (2): Ever Vigilant,On the Hunt 

Hand (4): .45 Automatic, Disc of Itzamna, Guts, Take the Initiative

Mythos: 1 doom added to the agenda, 4 out of 7 doom.

Encounter card: The Final Act. What the hell is this?? Okay, so we add 2 doom to the agenda and surge. We draw Dismal Curse. I don’t think I can pass a Will test against a 5, so I will just not commit anything. I draw a… Skull (-4), and I take 2 damage.

Action 1: I try to investigate again, committing my Take the Initiative, 6v3. I draw an Elder Thing (-3). Thank goodness, I finally passed a test. Now I need to get one more clue.

Action 2: I’ll draw a card to see if I can improve my hand. I draw Guts.

Action 3: I’ll draw one more time. I draw Vicious Blow.

Enemy phase: No enemies.

Upkeep: We draw Dark Pact (which is meaningless and will just take a spot in our hand) and gain 1 resource.

Round 3


Damage – 4/9; Horror – 5/5; Resources – 2; Clues –1

Stick to the Plan (2): Ever Vigilant, On the Hunt

Hand (6): .45 Automatic, Dark Pact, Disc of Itzamna, Guts, Guts, Vicious Blow

Mythos: 1 doom added. We advance the agenda. We have a Will test to attempt that we will likely fail, but we got to try I guess. We commit our guts to test 5v4. We draw a Cultist, and then draw a…-2. So we fail and take another horror. I’m going to just advance to 2A with doom.

Encounter card: Screeching Byakhee. Well, hopefully I can at least kill an enemy.

Action 1: We fight the Screeching Byakhee 6v4, using our .45 Automatic. We draw a Cultist and then a +1! Phew. That’s 2 damage on to that.

Action 2: We do the exact same thing again, 6v4. We draw a…Elder Sign! So it’s not all bad luck, what a relief. The byakhee is dead and in the victory display. We pick up a clue and must immediately advance the agenda. The Man in the Pallid Mask spawns at the Palace. All I have to do to advance again is move to the Palace and spend 3 actions. (I did flip this location over and it will let me deal damage to Hamburglar, but Hamburglar is not here, so I will ignore this for now and flip it back.)

Action 3: I move down to Depth of Demhe.

Enemy phase: Nothing happens.

Upkeep: I draw Glory and gain 1 resource.

Round 4


Damage – 4/9; Horror – 6/5; Resources – 7; Clues – 0

Stick to the Plan (2): Ever Vigilant, On the Hunt

Hand (6): .45 Automatic, Dark Pact, Disc of Itzamna, Glory, Guts, Vicious Blow

Mythos: 1 doom added to the agenda. 2 out of 7 doom.

Encounter card: I would love to On the Hunt here, but I can’t do that, so we’re going to I guess not worry about that. The encounter card I draw is Realm of Madness. I must discard cards with 6 resource cost. Well, ok. I discard the .45 Automatic in my hand the Disc of Itzamna.

Action 1: Moving right along, we move to Dim Streets.

Action 2: I move to Palace of the King.

Action 3:  Investigating here might be nice, but I’d rather draw a card instead since I need to rebuild my hand again. I draw the Clasp of Black Onyx. Oh well.

Enemy phase: Nothing happens.

Upkeep: I draw Dr. Elli Horowitz (yay!) and gain 1 resource.

Round 5


Damage – 4/9; Horror – 6/5; Resources – 8; Clues – 0

Stick to the Plan (2): Ever Vigilant, On the Hunt 

Hand (6):  Clasp of Black Onyx, Dark Pact, Dr. Elli Horowitz, Glory, Guts, Vicious Blow

Mythos: 1 doom added, 3 out of 7 doom.

Encounter card: Dismal Curse. Well, this sucks. We are going to just have to try I guess. I commit my Guts to make this a 5v5. We get a 0! Hooray! Something good happened! We get to draw a card, and it’s our second copy of Dr. Elli Horowitz.

Action 1-3: We advance the agenda. I don’t know if this is stupid to do it now, but I figure we got to get moving. We get The Pallid Mask which reduces my sanity to 3. Yeah this was a really bad decision I think. The Tattered King Hamburglar spawns right on top of me. Barring a miracle, I don’t think I can win this scenario, because I have no way of evading him or getting the clues on this location. But let’s see, I guess.

Enemy phase: I take 4 horror and 1 damage from Hamburglar.

Upkeep: I draw Disc of Itzamna and gain 1 resource.

Round 6


Damage – 5/9; Horror – 10/3; Resources – 8; Clues – 0

Stick to the Plan (2): Ever Vigilant, On the Hunt

Hand (7):  Clasp of Black Onyx, Dark Pact, Dr. Elli Horowitz, Dr. Elli Horowitz, Disc of Itzamna, Glory, Vicious Blow

Mythos: 1 doom added, 4 out of 7 doom.

Encounter card: Frozen In Fear. Yeah, we are super dead.

Action 1: I have nothing else to do but attempt to shoot Mr. H with my gun. This test is 6v4 and I draw a… -3, so that fails.

Action 2: Frozen in Fear.

Action 3: So, we are gonna do it again! This test is 6v4 but this test we will use our Vicious Blow. That makes it 7v4. We draw a… -1, which is an autofail because we have no remaining sanity.

 We must test our Frozen in Fear, which is 3v3. We draw a… autofail.

Enemy phase: Roland takes 4 horror and 1 damage again

Upkeep: I draw Segment of Onyx and gain 1 resource.

Round 7


Damage – 6/9; Horror – 14/3; Resources – 8; Clues – 0

Stick to the Plan (2): On the Hunt, Practice Makes Perfect 

Hand (7): Clasp of Black Onyx, Dark Pact, Dr. Elli Horowitz, Dr. Elli Horowitz, Disc of Itzamna, Glory, Segment of Onyx.

Mythos: 1 doom added, 5 out of 7.

Encounter card: Possession (Murderous). I have horror on me more than 4 times my sanity, so I am extremely killed.

And that’s it! Very anticlimactic for a finale to what has been a pretty epic campaign, but I feel like this scenario didn’t really work very well for me solo so I’m not shocked by this outcome. (I’ll explain why in a bit). We get Resolution 4 which I think is funny given that we are already dead and still getting resolutions. In the end, Roland is both killed and driven insane, which is such a glorious way to end this shitshow of a scenario that I can’t really be upset about it. With that in mind, here is the FINAL campaign log for our boy Roland.

Campaign log:

-you tried to warn the police

-the Stranger is on to you

-VIPs interviewed: Constance Dumaine, Ishimaru Haruko, Ashleigh Clarke

-VIPs slain: ~*~all of them~*~

-you took the onyx clasp

-the investigators were attacked as they escaped the asylum

-you heeded Daniel’s warning

-you found Nigel’s home

-you know the site of the gate

-you opened the gate above

-the realm of Carcosa merged with our own, and Hastur rules over them both

-Chasing the Stranger: 2

-Conviction: 3, Doubt: 1

-Total Experience Earned: 24

-Physical trauma: 2

-Mental trauma: 3

-Roland is killed (from Possession).

-Roland is driven insane (from Resolution 4 of Dim Carcosa).

The investigators lose the campaign.

Review of Dim Carcosa

Okay so, definitely the shortest scenario by a lot. I think I struggled immensely because I did not know how this scenario worked with this act card and was playing it pseudo-blind. I had no way to get away from Hastur once it was on me, meaning that I was kind of trapped with him forever. Pallid Mask or not, it was inevitable that I was going to blow up the moment I drew Possession. This scenario would have been way easier if I had a partner who could evade Hastur for me, or at least continue to explore the map, discover clues on the Palace, and flip locations. You are supposed to deal damage to Hastur via the location effects, but I had no way of doing that, because Hastur had to be spawned in order for damage to be dealt to him. And, once Hastur spawned, I had no way of disengaging from him to go anywhere else. Annoyingly, if I had passed Pallid Mask in a way that gave me 1 more point of Conviction, I would have gotten Lord of Carcosa, which has Massive. In that case, I could have just left and ran around the map. I don’t know if that would have solved all my problems, but it would have given me some options.

Do I think I could have won this scenario? I mean… possibly? There are two major problems I would have. First, I have no response once Hastur spawns on top of me other than Pendant of the Queen’s auto evasion. Second, I still am blowing up to Possession almost certainly because my sanity has to drop to 3 once Pallid Mask is on me, meaning I am killed at 6 horror in a scenario that dumps horror on you liberally.

Final Words

Overall, I kind of knew this was the outcome I was going to get. I was not even expecting to reach Dim Carcosa in one piece, so the fact I even made it that far is amazing to me. Dim Carcosa itself is very difficult when you have no evasion options to disengage from Hastur. I’m still very pleased with my solo deck design and I think that in multiplayer situation, this deck will more than hold its own. While I may have lost the campaign in a blaze of glory and insanity, I still had an amazing time piloting this deck and would heartily recommend it! If you enjoyed this playthrough, tune in next time, when we play solo Sword Cane Gloria through Return to the Forgotten Age!

If you are interested, here is the link to the final deck. See you next time for our next adventure!