ROSEVILLE, Minnesota – After weeks of FFG fans sharing posts using the hashtag #FFGPlayAndShare on social media, the FFG Marketing Department was thrilled to announce the first milestone reward.

“Well done, gamers,” said the celebratory tweet. “Your hard work and dedication to the Play-And-Share campaign is paying off, and you got your first sweet, sweet milestone rewards. And nothing could be sweeter than this stock photo of apricots. Enjoy, gamers! You earned it!”

“It’s been really difficult being cooped up with the quarantine and having my regular gaming events canceled,” commented Twitter user “1nsa4n3inarkham4eva”. “FFG isn’t obligated to do anything, but wow, this picture of apricots is really making me all kinds of HYPE!”

Other Twitter users were not as excited about this milestone reward.

“Apricots? Really?” wrote Twitter user “DePreston UnFairmont”. “I am sadly allergic. How I wish some sunny strawberries were substituted in their stead. They are just as sweet, and I can actually eat them.”

“If you use your imagination, you can also use this image as alt art parallel Skids,” added the FFG Marketing Department in a follow-up tweet the next day.