ROSEVILLE, Minnesota – In an extremely rare sequence of events, the Rogue card “Lucky” Penny has received an emergency errata from FFG in order to be playable in today’s volatile economy.

The card, which requires players to “flip a coin”, proved problematic as players complained about possessing nary a single coin due to pandemic restrictions, turbulent political upheavals, and spending all of their money on a certain Living Card Game published by Fantasy Flight Games.

“I haven’t even seen a coin since the 1980’s, let alone flipped one,” commented player Greg Turner on Twitter following the card’s reveal.

“Capitalism run amok *eyeroll emoji* I guess we all just have coins now,” posted another disgruntled Twitter user, whose username was a string of random letters and numbers with an anime profile picture.

“Previously, we had only given errata to cards due to some kind of formatting error,” FFG responded in a flurry of late night tweets. “However, it’s clear that if we want this card to be playable into the 2020’s, some changes will have to be made.”

Instead of flipping a coin, players are asked to instead flip their copy of Telescopic Sight.