Astounding revelations out of the CDC today, as it was announced that fully vaccinated people no longer need to be playing Mr. “Rook”.

“We understand this may sound like a surprising find,” said Dr. Franklin Maxwell. “But the research is clear. Fully vaccinated folks do not need to be including Mr. “Rook” in their deck anymore, effective immediately.”

He went on to say that he understands there was some confusion around vaccine diversity and Mr. “Rook”.

“Regardless of what brand of vaccine you have received, there is no reason for you to continue playing Mr. “Rook” under any circumstance,” clarified Dr. Maxwell. “There is a high probability you will live without him.”

When asked to clarify if vaccinated people are protected from other variants of Mr. “Rook”, like Dr. Milan Christopher or Pendant of the Queen, Dr. Maxwell urged the public to use common sense. “We encourage folks to spend their summer performing safe, non-busted activities, such as quietly reading an Old Book of Lore or Working a Hunch.”

“Honestly, just because you are fully vaccinated and playing a Seeker doesn’t mean you have to infect others with your overpowered bullshit.”

Mystic players were assured their lives would not change at all for any reason and they would be as miserable as always.