Incredible news out of Fantasy Flight Games as the newly announced “Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion” has blessed the community with approximately 250 brand new names for the Arkham community’s blogs and podcasts.

“I’m very excited to launch my new 4-player campaign podcast series, Strength in Numbers,” said one content creator. “We didn’t have a name for this type of content before, so we are very excited for this new player card.”

Other new content includes:

  • Forced Learning – A podcast series where a veteran player tries to teach the game to a brand new player in 15 minute episodes.
  • Dragon Pole – Stylized as Dragon Poll, this blog features voting contests for various Arkham brackets. (Typically, Stella Clark wins.)
  • Butterfly Swords – A blog of dueling posts where one person explains how to handle enemies by fighting them while another person explains how to handle those same enemies by evading them. The person who wrote the worse blog post gets their head chopped off.
  • Meditative Trance – While it may sound like just ethereal background music, there allegedly is a group playing a campaign without speaking to each other during this podcast.
  • Written in the Stars – A brand-new auditory experience where celebrities voice act the campaign guide.
  • Blur – A podcast series where 1-4 investigators try to finish a campaign as quickly as humanly possible and don’t stop recording until they are done.
  • Divination – A terribly named blog full of hastily written articles.
  • Medical Student – Please don’t name your blog Medical Student; that’s just going to be confusing to actual medical students.
  • Astronomical Atlas – You think this is going to be some kind of blog full of community content, but when you start reading it, you realize it’s an actual astronomical atlas, and now you’re wondering, who wrote this? What does it want from me? Why is this here? Why are any of us here?

The investigator expansion and all of this brand new community content will release all at once later this year.