BOSTON, MA – A perceptive, forward-thinking player made waves yesterday after pointing out a startling piece of information regarding a newly released Tactic card. “Parallel Roland can run this, can’t he?” said local eagle-eyed maverick Gregory Sewell. “He can run level 3 tactics and this is a level 3 tactic.”

“Oh my god, Parallel Roland is going to love this new card,” Sewell said, as he quickly deleted all of his old Holy Spear decks on Arkhamdb to make space for more decks which instead contained this brand new Tactic card. “People are going to think Parallel Roland can’t run this card, because it’s a Rogue card. Little do they know, it’s also a Tactic.”

While others pointed out to Sewell that just because a new Tactic card comes out doesn’t automatically mean Parallel Roland has to be running it, Sewell was quick to silence the naysayers. “Parallel Roland synergizes really well with this card, because it’s a Tactic and Parallel Roland can run Tactics,” clarified Sewell.

“It can go on Stick to the Plan. Holy hell, that’s incredible.”

At press time, local Finn players were STILL waiting for more out of class Illicit cards to release.